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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Patches- Collecting the sparkling remains of the stain glass barrier as a memento, you stuff it into your bag. Mio does you a favour and recalls Kei back into his Pokeball, the Charmander was certainly uneasy in this strange environment, it was probably best that he stay safe inside his Pokeball for now. While you are dawdling around, Mio races ahead, stopping at the door to call out to you. The Pikachu didn't seem to be enjoy the games as much as yourself, she seems much more intent on finding Rika as fast as possible. A grin on your face you race out of the room, Mio follows you closely as you attempt to follow the wet paw prints left behind by the rogue Espeon. The trail leads you up the staircase and eventually you come out on the second level of the building.

Then you see her, Rika is no more than 10 metres in front of you, her eyes are still glistening with energy, she wasn't acting like herself. As soon as you take a step towards her she turns and walks straight through the closed door behind her. Her body seems to simply shift through the solid wood. You rush up to the door and try to go through like Rika, only to crash into it with a thump. Mio looks up at you with a concerned look, it seems things weren't going to be that easy. Rubbing your head, you get a closer look at the door, it seemed to have a pattern marked into it. Not only that, the door seemed to have a lock on it, 4 numbers were needed to unlock it. Rika was on the other side of the door, if you were going to continue playing with her, you would have to get through first.

"Owww... Oh! Where are my glasses?" Patches rubs her head where it just smashed into the door and then realizes that she can't really see and begins to crawl around in search of her glasses that were knocked off of her face. Eventually, Mio grabs them for her and hands them over to her trainer. "Why thank you, Mio! I have no idea what I would do without you!" Placing her glasses back onto her face, she stands back up and begins to look at the door in front of her but gets lost in thought thinking about that encounter with Rika. "Hmm, you know... I'm starting to get a strange feeling. Did Rika seem to be a little, I dunno... Different, to you?" She asks Mio. "Chuuuu!" Mio attempts to tell her trainer that there is obviously something wrong. She is happy that Patches seems to finally be noticing that something is off, but is a bit annoyed that it has taken her this long, considering how dreary this place is.

"You're right, it's probably nothing. Now lets figure out how to get through this door so we can reunite with her!" It would seem that Patches misunderstood Mio's response, causing the Pikachu to just sigh and shake her head, at this point she's used to it. "Alright, sooo..." Patches stares blankly at the various shapes and numbers that seem to be etched into some sort of lock. "Uhhh..." She continues just stand there, almost as if she is waiting for the lock to do something on its own. After another sigh out of Mio, she climbs up Patches in order to get a better look since it's clear they will be standing there all day if she doesn't do something. "Pi..." She tries her best to figure out the math and is a bit hesitant to share what she comes up with because she isn't sure if it's right, but they need to try. "Piiika!" Mio gets Patches' attention since she had begun to stare off somewhere else entirely. "Oh, did you figure it out, Mio?" Now that she is listening, Mio begins. "Pi pi pi pi pi."

"Oh, are you trying to tell me numbers? Alright..." Patches grabs the lock and enters 5 into the first spot which is below the pentagon. "Pi pi pi pi." Patches then enters 4 below the triangle. "Pi pi pi pi pi pi." Next, she puts the number 6 below the star. "Pi pi pi." Finally, she enters the last number which is a 3 below the circle. "So, we have five, four, six, three... Well, lets see if this works!"
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