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Iron, we just said we're gonna assume we don't have squad slots, so I'm gonna just assume you mean a small 'mon point bump.

Codifying stuff like ranges and sizes and speeds is a little to extreme for my taste. You quickly start losing the little things you have control over as a ref that can make reffing fun.

More or less agree with pretty much everything else that's been said. Though I think we should be careful not to gate TOO much behind reffing- it could either be tied to battle slots or sig moves, but certainly not both. And I'm not sure there's a need for a point bump if you have one of those gated behind it.

Oh, and I also want to say that while I'm fine with the concept of "Good refs getting to ref cool shit", we need to have much more than just that. A: It's not really an incentive for mediocre refs, B: Gifting refs who fundamentally dislike reffing more opportunities to ref isn't gonna motivate all of them. Since they're cooler opportunities it will definitely motivate some of them, but lots of people won't care.

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