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I think a main thing to address is helping newbies feel like they have a solid grasp of what they're doing. A proper Reffing 101 would go a long way. Set out how it works clearly with all the stuff a solid C grade should be sticking to, with links to things like attack descriptions, such species characteristics, a rough nguide to how statuses work. Make it clear throughout all this that more experienced refs may invoke the pony to add more nuance. It would also help to codify Muyonese whispers a bit more and change things up less often. A lot of good improvements have come from rewrite but parties but it's all for naught if refs get tired of having to check through four pages of a thread to make sure Ice Beam still works the way they remember it. Bring these rewrite parties down to every six months or so, make then an open discussion on the forum, and when they're done release a complete new attack and SC list (including every move, even if only a handful have changed) dated so people know that the one place they have to look. Keep old lists archived for people involved in matches started before the rewrites.

Beyond that, there needs to be a certain amount of culture shift in how battlers approach disagreements with their ref. I still support a challenge system a la tennis to formalise it as a thing that will happen while restricting how often it happens. Perhaps with extra allowances for stuff like gym matches, etc. If we properly codify everything and make a good Reffing 101 the number of technical issues with new refs should drop anyway, and the majority of complaints as I remember them are either the pony or battlers being salty things didn't go their way. A challenge system encourages battlers to prioritise issues which are a) actually significant and b) they're reasonably confident the ref is actually wrong about rather than just hoping to swing the refs discretion in their favour.

Also let refs do cool shit. We have a nice progression system for battlers getting access to legend matches etc. Refs need the same kind of thing. Higher rank refs should get things like being able to ref legend matches, run DMs and mini-tournaments, do exhibitions outside the normal rules etc. Some of that already exists but we could expand on it). People want to be GLs etc so they try hard to improve their battling. I think there'd be a decent amount of enthusiasm for doing that kind of thing which would work well as an incentive if we tied it to getting better at reffing, particularly if we make the work of reffing less of a pain in the arse as I said above. This does rely on regular ref evals though (3-6 monthly say).

An additional more punitive option is to tie battle slots to reffing. Say two battle slots standard plus one for every match you're currently reffing up to some cap (five total excluding special matches like gyms etc?).
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