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Heather: With Magus off hunting for the loud, annoying boy you possibly left to die earlier, Grace was preparing to do battle with the Electrike opposite. The Pokemon looked perplexed by your orders, but that confusion soon faded away in favour of peering at the fellow electric type dreamily. Any will to fight had been lessened, although with it sustaining damage over time, it was left whimpering and shaking its head. Its sparks were becoming more haphazard and chaotic, and it was at that point that you realised that perhaps the static earlier hadn't been violent. This was violent, this was panic, and the canine yelped in protest. Still, though, it didn't attack, choosing instead to bark up a storm and threateningly snap at some of the glass shards on the floor, which had now begun giggling and cackling as if in mockery of the scene above them.

“I can't find Damien yet,” Magus returned over shoulder, looking utterly unimpressed with whatever you'd done. “But the hall outside looks different than before. The boy is awake now, alone, and he's crying a few doors down. I don't sense anything wrong with him, and he seemed afraid of me.” He continued, “Once you've finished here, perhaps we should go and rescue him?”

At the suggestion, the Electrike's eyes flashed, and he began barking at you more aggressively. The sound of a storm rumbled outside, rain lashing down against the window panes. What do you do?
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