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Heather: You've calmed down significantly when compared to before, but your body's naturally in fight or flight mode and your hackles are up. There is no way to be truly calm in a situation like this. You aren't a ghost (yet...) after all! Enlisting your own ghostie to help you out, Magus drifts closer to the terrifying mirror, eyes beginning to glow a vibrant blue as he peers through the veil and onto the other side.

You waited, mere seconds feeling like hours as grim anticipation crippled body and mind; unsure if the drop of temperature in the room was down to you or the spirits who so clearly wanted to tear you apart. Antsy, it almost seemed like this was a lost cause until your companion's voice reached you, “I can see another room through there... I can see us.”

Before you can ask what lay beyond the mirror, Magus seemed to show you through his own gaze: a room of pure monochrome, and yourself seeming to peer downwards. The room stretched far beyond the limited view of the mirror, a distorted painting hanging on the wall between two fine wooden doors. There was a Pokemon on the floor, its jaw moving as if to imply speech, and then it turned to look at you both-- the real you and Magus – in the eye.

“Heather... It's coming!”

The connection between you severed in a way that was jarring and didn't help your already painful head, and even though Misdreavus had warned you, the jumpscare was real all the same. Bursting through the mirror, shattering the glass and flinging it about, an Electrike suddenly landed with ease, fur sparking, the yellow bright against the darkness of the surroundings. Looking around, you noticed that everything seemed to lack colour except for yourselves, and that if you peered hard enough into the shards... Monsters peered back.

What do you do?
Heather held her head in pain as the psychic connection Magus had established with her was severed. Looking around, the surroundings had changed drastically, drained of if they'd passed into the room Magus had shown her, or else...Or else they had been in that room all along, and somehow the shattered mirror had broken an illusion? Heather wasn't sure at the moment. What she was sure of was the Electrike staring her down right now being a fantastic specimen. It was full of energy, raring to go...the only problem was that its gaze was focused right on her as its opponent. Not to mention, the shards of the mirror around it...if Heather looked closely enough, she could see...things, unidentifiable things, monstrous things that she was probably very grateful that they were in the mirror shards rather than in the room right now.

With all that being said, there was one other thing that needed to be sorted, and that was figuring out where exactly they were. With no way to tell whether they'd actually moved just based on the surroundings, there was only one way left to find out: Darren. If Magus could still sense him, then at least they were still relatively close to where the two had awoken, or at least been transported to the same place.

"Magus, I need you to do me another favor while I take this thing! See if you can find out if Darren is still nearby."

Why would we be looking for him? Magus responded quizzically, though not questioning the directive to not fight.

"If we can tell that he's nearby, then we know we're at least probably still near where we started! With all the stuff going on, knowing where we are is important!" Heather responded, taking out Grace's Ball once again as Magus simply nodded and went to do as instructed. "Come on, Grace, let's do this!" she said, releasing the Emolga onto the ground before her.

"An Electrike, here of all places? You have the devil's own luck..." Grace said, shaking her head. "Anyway, orders?"

"See if you can't calm it down with your Fatal Attraction! If that doesn't work, just keep it at bay with Quick Attack!" Heather ordered, Grace readying herself for battle.
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