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1) What specifically about reffing is most unappealing that discourages you from reffing?
It's a terrible mix of boring, frustrating, and time consuming. There's little room for creativity in actually writing reffings up, so you're stuck with the same drab thing over and over unless you want the battlers bitching at you for writing too much about simple orders- their poor eyes apparently can't handle more than 100 words or so.

It's also frustrating, not only because of battlers who nitpick every little thing and try to force their opinion onto you, but because sometimes move descriptions don't give you too much of any idea about how the move and another move/mechanic interact. I've gotten good at figuring that out for myself by now but that's an issue for a whole lot of folks.

And then for me personally one thing I hate about it is having the notes done and knowing exactly what's gonna happen but then having to spend 25 minutes writing up a bunch of uninteresting fluff to go with the meat of it. I can deal with barebones reffings (though I wouldnt like it) and I'd love to make reffings a creative outlet in terms of the actual writing, but neither of those are acceptable in the current climate, so you're stuck with a shitty mish-mash of the two.
2) What is the hardest thing to learn about reffing?
As mentioned earlier, subtle nuances in how moves/mechanics interact and work. This goes beyond something like "What screen protects from Water Gun" where the answer is simple, it's more like "How does the battle change when the battlers cant see eachother due to Haze/Mist/whatever?", "How does freezing work?", "What are the effects of intimidation?"- frequently asked questions with difficult, far from uniform answers.
3) What could be simplified without detracting from fun/interest?
I think we could pretty easily have effects defined without losing too much. We should be able to tell people what freezing does, how intimidation changes the battle, etc. We don't need to tell people exactly when Bulldoze should and shouldn't be interrupting, but they probably need to know how interruption itself works.

4) What incentives would you like to see tied to reffing?
I'm gonna drop an unpopular opinion: Some things NEED to be gated behind reffing. Whether you like reffing or not, and very few people do, it's objectively a necessity for the game to function. We need people to do it, and a way to make that happen is to make sure that if you don't contribute to the game by reffing you can't get ALL the coolest toys. I'm not saying we should gate Pokemon behind reffing, in fact I'd advocate against that (except in the case of legend challenges or something like that that's decidedly a luxury) but there needs to be a tangible benefit to reffing that you can't get without reffing, and ideally it should be significant enough to make people actually ref so that they can have said thing.

Legend challenges, tokens/items, the highest TL or highest couple TLs, maybe participation fees for cool events are the things that come to mind immediately, but there could be more stuff.

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