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Hello there! Long time no see! Alright. so Boutique is now nice and implemented, but via Discord, a question popped up (Thanks Heather!) which I admittedly I am torn to what the answer should be, as I want to both be open and fair to you guys! And then right after one of my old ideas got back to the surface of my brain, so I'll be bringing that up too!

So first off: We currently have this rule (noted in the FAQ) that:
Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post
My Pokémon have the same colors as the sprites/models of an older Pokémon game/generation. Would it be considered a coloring I have to register here, despite those colors being different from those of the most recent games/generation?
Nope! If the colors of your Pokémon matches those of the (non-shiny) sprites/models from any Pokémon game/generation, you don't need to register here! You could say they're all simply official color variants of the same species.
So we come to realize that there's some other implication related to this: shinies! They have their own shiny variants too, specifically for Gen I and II Pokémon (Gen III and onward pretty much uniformed the colors). So that means that the shiny rule isn't as precise as we thought, and it may or may not clash with the gen variants. So I'm asking/giving you guys two possible choices/outcomes:
  1. Only the most recent Gen's shiny counts in terms of the "no shiny" recolor rule, which means non-shiny Pokémon can register colors similar to shinies from old Gens. This will simplify my job in terms with the checking/confirming process and gives more freedom of recoloring choices, but some would see it as turning normal Pokémon into "fake shinies" and missing the point of the no shiny recolor rule.
  2. Any shiny variants count as a shiny, therefore non-shinies are strictly forbidden to change into those previous Gens' shiny colors. This will add a bit more to my workload when checking/confirming and put more restrictions to what others can do in terms of coloring, but this will be more fair to shiny owners to not lose their Pokémon's specialness/uniqueness.
Either way though, two points will stay (unless any of you think otherwise; please tell me if you do!):
  • Owners of shiny Pokémon can decide which variant/Gen of shiny coloring they want, at no charge/with no registration needed, in the same way as non-shiny Pokémon can have any of the old gen color variants.
  • Colors of shinies from spin-off games does not count, therefore can be used as a recolor for non-shiny Pokémon (but shiny Pokémon or not, it needs to be registered.)

As for my second thing, I have brought it up before and got mixed opinions at first, but now I brought it up again with some modifications and seems to be more openly accepted, so I'll throw it in here now!

Two words:

My main inspiration was how a lot of folks prefers certain species with only a certain gender, whenever it is for aesthetic or personality purposes. (I for one have too many Female Pokémon in my Memakyu ^^; ) We can change a Pokémon into a shiny with Shiny Sprays, we can choose whichever Nature, color, size, Ability, they have... so why not should we be able to change the gender, too? But then I started thinking how great of a tool it can be in terms of RPing, too: Pokémon could be transgenders! And Pokémon who are normally genderless can finally have one of the two binary genders. And Pokémon born as one gender can decide to be non-binary/agender/etc by turning genderless! And we already have accepted Pokémon with different sexual orientations (thank you for changing the rules of the Valentine Ball!), so what are we waiting for!?

...Well one thing that was irking some is how anyone can just buy the Gender Spray, change gender, and boom done. It downplays/removes the importance of gender, and it feels wrong to force a Pokémon to change its gender not by their own choice (or that they're so just-out-of-their-egg to even make that decision.)

So here's what I suggest: Yes to Gender Spray, but with a requirement or more to humanise (Pokémonise?) the purchase and use of it. Here's some suggestions of requirements needed:
  • A justification/origin story in a similar fashion as special characteristics. That rule could be adjusted to make it less "casual" and more serious (ex.: have a minimum word count, has to be a justification made by the Pokémon, not the trainer)
  • A minimum level requirement (I would say Lv.20-25) to simulate a minimum "age" of sorts
  • A minimum bond level requirement (30 perhaps? It's the same as evolutions); the Pokémon may need to trust its trainer enough to "tell" them their gender choice and to go through the procedure of getting the Gender Spray for them

All that said, we should also probably talk on how "far" we should go with how the Gender Spray can be used:
  • Should it be strictly used to change a male/female Pokémon to change into the other, or should we throw genderless into the mix by allowing genderless Pokémon turn into any of the binary genders and vice-versa?
  • What about Pokémon who have specifics related to gender?
    • Do we allow Pokémon that are a single gender only to change gender? (ex.: Chansey)
    • How should we handle Pokémon who evolve only when a certain gender? (ex.: Gallade)
    • What about Pokémon who are "related" to each other but are of a different species depending of gender? On gender change, do they stay as their original species, do they stay change species specified by the other gender, or it is to the Pokémon's choice? (ex.: Nidoran, Volbeat/Illumise, Latios/Latias)
    • What about Pokémon that, while the same species, are different-looking between genders? Does their look stays the same as it originally was, do they change their looks to their new gender, or it to the Pokémon's choice? (ex.: Meowstic)
And finally there's the price. I personally prefer to be accessible to everyone (ie not a Staff reward), but it should be expensive as it goes beyond the aesthetic choice (plus, RP-wise, the fact that a spray that can change gender is... quite revolutionary.) I would think that $1000 would be fair, thinking that it'll take 4 updates to get that, but it could be more or less if you don't agree.

So guys, please let me know for what you agree with or not with the Gender Spray, and what are your preferences in terms of the rules!

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