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Ok, I'm reasonably satisfied with what's been proposed so far. I like the idea of a point system where you buy individual mon with whatever currency you have and then matches are balanced by point limits in the matches. Let's assume that system (or something similar) going forward. I also like the idea of TLs as sort of a progression thing; maybe we still tie Legend Challenges and other things that might be good to lock away to those.

I think the next problem to tackle is reffing and reffing accessibility. I know we've already begun working on that to some extent and the suggestions I've seen (FAQs, coaching, etc.) are all good but I'd like to expand. A few more questions:

1) What specifically about reffing is most unappealing that discourages you from reffing?

2) What is the hardest thing to learn about reffing?

3) What could be simplified without detracting from fun/interest?

4) What incentives would you like to see tied to reffing?

I'm sure there are other questions to be asked but these feel like the most basic.

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