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As the two trainer camped out for the night, Gary made sure to take extra care of Mordred in her egg shell-turned-fish bowl. Over time, her anger and trauma seemed to subside, but Gary could tell that the proverbial chip on her shoulder was still fueling her as strongly as before. Eventually it was time to give her a real home, so he called her into a Luxury Ball to live in style while they slept. Gary exchanged a few stories with Jayson about their travels before the two trainers finally passed out around the camp fire.

Once morning finally arrived, they cleaned up their campsite before heading back to the cave once more. Jayson was eager to take his new Charmander home, and Gary couldn’t blame him. Luckily, as they entered the cave, they found themselves with a rambunctious Charmander who was curiously exploring every inch of the cave while a rather tired Ramoth lay curled up with one eye open to supervise her child. “I think now is as good of a time as you’re going to get,” Gary answered as Jayson apprehensively did not want to set off Ramoth’s maternal instincts. As she saw the trainer come to claim his new Charmander, Ramoth didn’t even flinch. Young Pokemon had a tendency to become self-sufficient from a very young age, and this Charmander was no exception. She watched on, proud knowing that her newborn son would grow up to become big and strong.
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