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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
War of the Roses

The sun had begun to set over the Cloud Garden as the sky above the Rose Garden turned a pastel shade of orange. It was a nice complement to all of the pinks, reds, and blues that decorated the flowerbeds across the area. As the contestants finished up their carnival games and collected their tickets, they gathered back in the center where they found the gazebo had been transformed to accommodate a stage. The generators from the Charge-Up Game were ready to go and with a flip of a switch, a myriad of lights shown down from the gazebo’s rafters. While most of the contestants pooled their tickets together and handed them in to their team representatives, there was a growing line for the bathroom which had caused some of the contestants to miss their turn in the final round of games as Elka had yet to come back out.

Once everyone had settled down, the four gardeners took the stage once again, where Persimmon walked back up to the mic. Before he could even begin speaking, volunteers made their way through the crowd to collect any trash or recycling. Persimmon cleared his throat and fumbled through some notes he pulled out of his pocket. Squinting at the crumpled piece of paper, he addressed the audience, “Thank you all for participating in the fun and games portion of our event. Your tickets have been tallied, and now it’s time to announce the winner of the carnival games and to prepare everyone for the final portion of our event. The winner of the carnival games was decided by whoever brought in the most tickets for each team. Now, without further ado, let’s announce the winners! Please step forward as your name is called.”

“In fourth place, representing Team Bellossom, we have Jess and Lilac with 108 points! In third place, we have Alice and Farren for Team Tsareena with 114 points! In second place, we have Rorik and Staryu—” Persimmon was abruptly cut off as Petunia whispered something into his ear, “Excuse me, Rorik and Stahl representing Team Lilligant with 116 points! And last but not least, our winner from Team Roserade is Drew and Rotom, with 118 points! Let’s give our finalists a round of applause!”

As the audience applauded the contestants, the leaderboard was updated to show the standing scores of the event.

For all of their efforts during the Scavenger Hunts and the Carnival Games, the following Pokemon are awarded levels:
6 levels: Lilac the Petilil, Stahl the Starmie
5 levels: Drew’s Rotom, Vine the Snivy, Horologie the Girafarig, Pridwen the Ferroseed
4 levels: Because Farren the Pineco is lv.100, Alice is awarded 4 Rare Candies
3 levels: Aiolia the Litleo
2 levels: Jotaro the Lombre, Berue the Tangrowth
1 level: Jill the Noibat
Here are the current standings of the event:
First Place: Team Lilligant with 7 Team Points and 8 Individual Performance Points
Second Place: Team Roserade with 6 Team Points and 5 Individual Performance Points
Third Place: Team Bellossom with 3 Team Points and 5 Individual Performance Points
Fourth Place: Team Tsareena with 5 Team Points and 2 Individual Performance Points

“Do not fret as there will be another chance to earn your team some big points!” Persimmon called out as volunteer gardeners stepped forward holding duffel bags filled with items. “It’s time for the final round of the event! I will hand the mic over to Peony in a moment to explain the details, and as she goes over them with you, we will be handing out the fruits of your labor during the Scavenger Hunt exercise! The quality of the item depends on whether your riddles took you in the right direction or not. Your items will be shared amongst your teammates, so I wish you the best of luck in the final round!”

The following teams are handed the corresponding items:

Team Roserade Receives:
Seiko: Black Wings, Rigid Shield, Toy Cutlass, Tambourine, Ladle
Sypher: Horn Helmet, Red Barrette, Headband, Big Bag, Tie
Drew: Electric Guitar, Shuriken, Trident, Wig, Pirate Hat
Team Bellossom Receives:
Jess: Big Barrette, Crimson Scarf, Purse, White Wings, Red Parasol
Melissa: Blue Flower, Headband, Pink Barrette, White Pom Pom, Frilly Apron
Hiero: Candy, Wind Up Key, Gift Box, Red Nose, Pennant
Team Lilligant Receives:
Lucas: Bouquet, Laurel Wreath, Lonely Flower, Pocket Watch, Lace Cap
Rorik: Black Cape, Cane, Tiara, White Cape, Rose
Alex: Bowtie, Gentlemen’s Hat, Monocle, Necklace, Crown
Team Tsareena Receives:
Chroma: Gorgeous Flower, Fluffy Beard, Smiley-Face Mask, Thick Book, Professor Hat
Alice: Whisk, Striped Barrette, Magic Wand, Maraca, Witchy Hat
Leftovers: Toy Fishing Rod, Blue Barrette, Round Button, Small Barrette, Square Glasses
Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

As the games wrap up, a crowd is beginning to form in front of the stage in the center of the garden. Throughout the day, guests to the garden had become drawn to different teams. Makeshift signs floated throughout the audience, pledging their loyalty to their favorite Queen. The throng of people talked in excited, hushed voices.

Persimmon finishes addressing the crowd, and gives a short wave. There are scattered cheers throughout the audience, and the scientist looks uncomfortable. “Um… I’m gonna hand it over to Peony now…” He shuffles away and hands the mic to his much more socially confident co-gardener.

“Hiii!” As the pink haired girl takes center stage, a spotlight focuses on her. Smaller, colored lights dance around the stage. “Ooh! Thanks for charging up all these lights for us. Anyway, it’s time for THE most exciting part of our program today! A BEAUTY PAGEANT!” The steady beat of dance music starts up and the spotlight moves to the edge of the stage where a cluster of grass Pokemon are standing. They look startled, but file onto stage in groups based on their garden alignments. Signs light up above the four sections of the stage, “COOL” “CUTE” “UNIQUE” and “ELEGANT” in different corresponding fonts.

“We calculated your points from the scavenger hunt, and rewarded you with different items to use during this part of the competition,” Peony explains. “Here are the representatives from Roserade’s domain, Team Cool!” She gestures to the first section of the stage, and the members of Team Cool are suddenly pulled up staircase and on to the brightly lit stage. Three well-groomed Roselia strike stylish poses to the beat in front of the group, and blue lights circle around them. The Thorn Pokemon point to three wicker baskets holding several items. Each basket has a metal nameplate attached to the front.
In the basket labelled “Seiko”, there is a set of Black Wings, a blue and gold Rigid Shield, a plastic Toy Cutlass, a jingling Tambourine, and a metal Ladle.
The basket with Sypher’s name on it contains a sturdy looking Horn Helmet, a bright Red Barette, a blue Headband with a white bow, a securely tied white Big Bag, and a thin Tie.
The final basket says “Drew”, and has a red Electric Guitar, a sharp Shuriken, a black Trident, a poofy orange Wig, and a Pirate Hat with crossing swords on it.
- - -

“From Bellossom’s domain, Team Cute!” continues Peony as she points to the next section of the stage, which is now lit up in pink. The team is also escorted up and encouraged by the garden volunteers to smile. Two Sunflora and an Oddish perform a short, choreographed dance, finishing with a wink at the audience. They stop in cute poses next to three baskets tied up with pink ribbon.
The basket labelled “Jess” contains a red and gold Big Barette, a neatly tied Crimson Scarf, a stylish pink Purse, a set of White Wings, and a folded Red Parasol.
In the basket labelled “Melissa” there is a delicate Blue Flower, a blue Headband with a white bow, a small Pink Barette, a pair of White Pom Poms, and a wasit length Frilly Apron.
The basket with Hiero’s name on it has a Candy in a pink and blue wrapper, a golden Wind Up Key, a wrapped Gift Box, a Red Nose befitting a Popplio, and a red and yellow Pennant.
- - -
“And here’s the group from Tsareena’s domain, Team Unique!” Peony gestures to the other side of the stage where three boxes have been placed. Each member of the team is instructed to stand behind the box with their name on it. There is a drop in the music, and suddenly three Bounsweet pop out and twirl into the air. The Alolan Pokemon present the contents of each box.
The box with the label “Chroma” has a red and gold Gorgeous Flower, a white Fluffy Beard, a plastic Smiley Face Mask, a Thick Book with a red cover, and a scholarly Professor Hat.
The box with Alice’s name written on it contains a wire Whisk, a green Striped Barette, a wooden Magic Wand, a set of Maracas, and a black, pointed Witchy Hat.
In the third box,” there is a Toy Fishing Rod with a Pokeball lure, a bright Blue Barette, a small blue Round Button, an orange Small Barette, and a pair of Square Glasses.
- - -

“Last but certainly not least, we have Lilligant’s domain, Team Elegant!” Peony flourishes once more as Team Elegant’s section lights up a gentle green. The music gets calmer, and three Petlil waltz on the stage. They finish with a curtsey toward three velvet bags tied up with ribbon. As each Petlil pulls a ribbon, the contents of the bag are revealed.
The bag with a tag reading “Lucas” has a Bouquet of pink and purple flowers, a Laurel Wreath to be worn on the head, a white Lonely Flower, a gold Pocket Watch, and a blue and white Lace Cap.
The bag tagged “Rorik” contains a flowing Black Cape, a black Cane, a sparkling Tiara, a high collared White Cape, and a single red Rose.
The final bag has Alex’s name on it, and inside there is a black Bowtie, a white Gentleman’s Hat, a glass Monocle, a jeweled Necklace, and a royal Crown.
- - -

The crowd whoops and cheers with the introduction of each team, and some trainers even hear their names called out. Peony giggles into the mic and flips her hair, she’s obviously enjoying that the spotlight has returned to her.

“Ok folks, the teams are going to take some time to get ready. Make sure to cheer really loudly for your favorites!” The lights dance around the stage once more, then stop and fade off. The crowd cheers and yells out the names of different teams and their Queens. Each group is escorted behind the stage to a section dubbed the “Greenery Room”. In reality, it was still outdoors, and tables were set up with each team’s different items, as well as some full-length mirrors with vanity lights.

“Mmkay everyone,” Peony addresses the teams, sitting on a stool in the front of the Greenery Room. “I’m gonna like, explain the rules for this part ok? All of those lovely items you were given are for you to dress your Pokemon up with. You can use up to five, ‘kay? You can totally share the stuff you have too, within your own team of course. Take the time you need to get ready, but not like, too long, duh.” She hops off the stool and gives you all a peace sign.

Choose one Pokemon that you will dress up for this portion of the pageant.
Choose up to five (5) items to dress up your Pokemon with.
You can use any item allocated to your Team, multiple trainers can use the same item.
Keep in mind that you will be judged on several different criteria, be creative and have fun picking out different items for your Pokemon to wear!

Please post your replies by September 17
Seiko's head drooped as the fanfare carried on. She'd somehow managed to shake those insufferable children--never again, she'd sworn to herself in her retreat. Never would she have guessed that she was capable of running so fast, with Aiolia tailing her for a change. At any rate, that discovery came at the cost of the treasure hunt and games for Seiko.

Her sidelong glance fell upon Aiolia, whose wagging tail and unflappable excitement drew her attention away from the chill in the air. Whatever could be the cause for that?

Her teammates were... absent. The brunette was all on her lonesome. It was not a comforting thought; she could feel the venom-drenched gaze of the rose monarch upon her head. Oh ho, if looks could kill, hers could assassinate.

"G-g-good work, Aiolia," the young woman muttered, shuddering against the proverbial weight of the world at rest atop her shoulders. "You really came through for me."

*Aiolia gained 3 levels! Aiolia rose to Level 12!*

The Little Cub yipped once more and puffed out his chest, welcoming the red stream of light that enveloped his form and returned him to comfort of his ball. Seiko meanwhile carried on listening to the gardeners' final instructions, her jaw set rigid as she considered her final task.

Dress-up. The final competition was one of the activities she loathed more than, well, most anything, really. Seiko shivered. How revolting--a sentiment Baian would no doubt share. That left her with one option, and it wasn't a bad one.

"Go, Sasha!"

The Alolan Vulpix's glowing pale fur reflected the pokeball's light with a twinkle and a pop. She blinked, meeting the gazes of awed onlookers before nodding at her trainer. Seiko however recognized the urgency of the situation and broke eye contact with her shiny companion to upend the contents of the costume bag. She struggled to explain herself as she scattered items hither and thither across the grass.

"Okay girl," she began, carefully tying the devil wings around the fox's neck. "We've got to dress you up for this part of the competition." The young woman paused briefly to nestle the shuriken like a comb between her partner's silky fronds. "I've got an idea, but it requires you to be a bit ferocious for a change..."

Seiko placed the black trident between Sasha's lips, prompting the fox to bite on the rod. Once in place, the young woman gingerly lifted the Vulpix's left paw and stood the shield upright beneath it. Seiko smirked as she regarded Sasha. "There Sasha, your transformation is completed! You are now Scathach, the Spectral Fox of the Underworld!"
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