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I'm too ill to sleep so I'm going to post my thoughts about pokemon on the internet at 3am instead. Also because of all the stuff here this one is the one I'm most interested in even though it's not the most important.

Do we significantly benefit from more nuance than the 1-7 TL range already gives us? I feel like the more nuance we get the more quibbling we're asking for, with no real gain. My initial reaction was to translate TLs directly into points for simplicity. My second reaction was to amend it slightly to a 1-10 to make it nicer to look at. It also means we can easily repurpose TP into acquisition points. Starting with 15-20 allows a newbie to build a broadly similar squad to what they could now whilst severely limiting their other options if they do pick up one uber mon right off the bat, and the TP for current level thresholds added onto that starting amount almost exactly buys the squad you'd have once you reached the the Trainer Level that amount of TP gets you.*

As for how to assign point values, I figure it's fairly similar to what we do now with acquisition levels. Venusaur and Vileplume occupy a similar role but Venusaur is better at it, similarly CSnorlax is better at its role than the comparable say Miltank but the latter niche is better than the former niche so Snorlax>Venusaur>Miltank>Vileplume in terms of point costs.

I also don't favour forcing people to use their mon before they can evolve them. I feel like the system naturally increases the usage of NFEs anyway because that's the trade-off you pay for making your squad bigger and for rushing a couple of high level favourites. Much better than right now where a TL4 has no incentive to use anything below its TL4 form. If we're worried about people swapping up their squads too freely for gym matches etc then just have all de-evo's/dropping rubberstamped once a month or something. People don't get the points back for stuff they've dropped/de-evolved until the end of the month.

I agree with Snorby on the not needing to buy slots thing. I'm also coming around to his idea of keeping TL milestones for non-squad related stuff. In video game terms, the continual drive of getting slightly better gear/levels (ie marginally improving your squad after every match) is nice, but so is the rush of beating a boss and getting a nice shiny milestone (ie reaching a TL and getting access to *insert thing here*).

*Assume we translate 7 trainer levels into a 1-10 points system. The average level X mon would cost 10X/7 points. By taking the number of mon you have at each level and the level of those mon - a TL2 currently gets 18 level 2 mon and 2 level 3 mon, for example - we can assign a points value to each level that looks like this (which also accounts for the extra slot every 50 TP):

Spoiler: show
TL1 = 27
TL2 = 60
TL3 = 104
TL4 = 159
TL5 = 230
TL6 = 313

Meanwhile taking TP being directly translated into acquisition points plus a starting value of 15-20 when a player reaches what is currently the TP threshold for each TL they'll have the following points;

TL1 = 15-20
TL2 = 45-50
TL3 = 90-95
TL4 = 135-140
TL5 = 215-220
TL6 = 315-320

The new system would lag behind slightly for the most part but that's offset by two things. A) currently you're stuck at the value until you reach a new threshold (a TL2 player with 74 TP still has a squad "value" the same as a guy who's just reached TL2, whereas in the new system they have essentially the exact same value as someone just reaching TL3) and also that a TL3 or 4 player will still have a number of acquisition level 1 or 2 mon on their squad that either don't evolve further or that they haven't reached the next evo form for yet). Someone who's just reached TL2 would be better off under the old system, someone just barely shy of TL3 is better off in the proposed new one, and someone halfway through TL2 is about on par with both. Similar progression with the spikes smoothed out.
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