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1) What criteria should be used to assign values to mon? Keep in mind, if we're going to do this, I'd like to see evolution take at least minimal effort to keep NFEs somewhat relevant.
I feel like values should be assigned based on how strong the mon is compared to both mon in general and similar mon. "How strong the mon is" is purposefully vague because really all aspects of the mon should be considered- movepool, SCs, mobility, typing, size, the whole shebang. It should also include the ability to mega evolve if stones are still bought through SP and not just additional points. How they should be priced related to their NFEs gets tricky real fast. There's gonna be evos like Eelektrik to Eelektross or Mime Jr. to Mr. Mime than necessitate massive jumps in price because the final form is excellent and there's a huge benefit to evolving. Other mons, like Krokorok to Krookodile or Sneasel to Weavile, are just kind of bigger versions of themselves and the final form isnt amazing anyway so a small jump is fine. Then you'll run the gamut between those two- sure, Monferno and Chinchou don't gain that much when evolving, but Infernape and Lanturn are both amazing. On the flip side, Seismitoad and Breloom aren't all that great, but Palpitoad and Shroomish gain a huge amount from evolving.

2) Relatedly, how should evos work?
I figure something like, "Use the form you have now in 1-2 battles, then you can drop more points to evolve it or take more out to devolve it as you please". I don't want it to be as easy as moving the points because, as I mentioned, you'll have people switching from Gardevoir to Gallade every ten minutes.

3) How much do we want to have to make people sink into new Pokémon? Do they have to buy a slot and then a Pokémon to fill it? Can they just buy 100 Caterpies if they can afford it?
Definitely no need to buy a slot and then buy the mon you fill it with. If they want 100 Caterpies that's fine as long as they can field a squad of 6 while using only one Caterpie.

4) How variable do we want to make the point rankings? 1-10? 1-100? How much nuance do we want to show?
Uh... I might want something in the middle, tbh. 1-10 doesn't leave room for anywhere near enough nuance, but by the time we get to 1-100 we're splitting hairs. 1-20 sounds good to me in theory but I think this is something we can workshop as we work on the values themselves.

5) Will point values be adjustable? How? When? I know that I don't want to fight over a single Pokémon's value for 10 pages, but I also know mistakes can be made or Pokémon can be reanalyzed as useful.
I figure every year or so the LOs can put out a thread for people to suggest changes in, then take a look through everything (not just suggested changes, the community could miss things) and, taking those suggestions into account, release a list of changes or say that no changes were deemed necessary.

6) Do we want to try to balance clusters of Pokémon with similar values against each other or balance broadly?
We definitely need to have similar value 'mon balanced against each other, lest you end up paying the same for an Audino as you do an Aegislash because there's a whole lot of normals better than Audino even though it's way better than Aegislash will ever be.

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