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War of the Roses

As the games wrap up, a crowd is beginning to form in front of the stage in the center of the garden. Throughout the day, guests to the garden had become drawn to different teams. Makeshift signs floated throughout the audience, pledging their loyalty to their favorite Queen. The throng of people talked in excited, hushed voices.

Persimmon finishes addressing the crowd, and gives a short wave. There are scattered cheers throughout the audience, and the scientist looks uncomfortable. “Um… I’m gonna hand it over to Peony now…” He shuffles away and hands the mic to his much more socially confident co-gardener.

“Hiii!” As the pink haired girl takes center stage, a spotlight focuses on her. Smaller, colored lights dance around the stage. “Ooh! Thanks for charging up all these lights for us. Anyway, it’s time for THE most exciting part of our program today! A BEAUTY PAGEANT!” The steady beat of dance music starts up and the spotlight moves to the edge of the stage where a cluster of grass Pokemon are standing. They look startled, but file onto stage in groups based on their garden alignments. Signs light up above the four sections of the stage, “COOL” “CUTE” “UNIQUE” and “ELEGANT” in different corresponding fonts.

“We calculated your points from the scavenger hunt, and rewarded you with different items to use during this part of the competition,” Peony explains.
“And here’s the group from Tsareena’s domain, Team Unique!” Peony gestures to the other side of the stage where three boxes have been placed. Each member of the team is instructed to stand behind the box with their name on it. There is a drop in the music, and suddenly three Bounsweet pop out and twirl into the air. The Alolan Pokemon present the contents of each box.
The box with the label “Chroma” has a red and gold Gorgeous Flower, a white Fluffy Beard, a plastic Smiley Face Mask, a Thick Book with a red cover, and a scholarly Professor Hat.
The box with Alice’s name written on it contains a wire Whisk, a green Striped Barette, a wooden Magic Wand, a set of Maracas, and a black, pointed Witchy Hat.
In the third box,” there is a Toy Fishing Rod with a Pokeball lure, a bright Blue Barette, a small blue Round Button, an orange Small Barette, and a pair of Square Glasses.
The crowd whoops and cheers with the introduction of each team, and some trainers even hear their names called out. Peony giggles into the mic and flips her hair, she’s obviously enjoying that the spotlight has returned to her.

“Ok folks, the teams are going to take some time to get ready. Make sure to cheer really loudly for your favorites!” The lights dance around the stage once more, then stop and fade off. The crowd cheers and yells out the names of different teams and their Queens. Each group is escorted behind the stage to a section dubbed the “Greenery Room”. In reality, it was still outdoors, and tables were set up with each team’s different items, as well as some full-length mirrors with vanity lights.

“Mmkay everyone,” Peony addresses the teams, sitting on a stool in the front of the Greenery Room. “I’m gonna like, explain the rules for this part ok? All of those lovely items you were given are for you to dress your Pokemon up with. You can use up to five, ‘kay? You can totally share the stuff you have too, within your own team of course. Take the time you need to get ready, but not like, too long, duh.” She hops off the stool and gives you all a peace sign.
Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
War of the Roses

The sun had begun to set over the Cloud Garden as the sky above the Rose Garden turned a pastel shade of orange. It was a nice complement to all of the pinks, reds, and blues that decorated the flowerbeds across the area. As the contestants finished up their carnival games and collected their tickets, they gathered back in the center where they found the gazebo had been transformed to accommodate a stage. The generators from the Charge-Up Game were ready to go and with a flip of a switch, a myriad of lights shown down from the gazebo’s rafters. While most of the contestants pooled their tickets together and handed them in to their team representatives, there was a growing line for the bathroom which had caused some of the contestants to miss their turn in the final round of games as Elka had yet to come back out.

Once everyone had settled down, the four gardeners took the stage once again, where Persimmon walked back up to the mic. Before he could even begin speaking, volunteers made their way through the crowd to collect any trash or recycling. Persimmon cleared his throat and fumbled through some notes he pulled out of his pocket. Squinting at the crumpled piece of paper, he addressed the audience, “Thank you all for participating in the fun and games portion of our event. Your tickets have been tallied, and now it’s time to announce the winner of the carnival games and to prepare everyone for the final portion of our event. The winner of the carnival games was decided by whoever brought in the most tickets for each team. Now, without further ado, let’s announce the winners! Please step forward as your name is called.”

“In fourth place, representing Team Bellossom, we have Jess and Lilac with 108 points! In third place, we have Alice and Farren for Team Tsareena with 114 points! In second place, we have Rorik and Staryu—” Persimmon was abruptly cut off as Petunia whispered something into his ear, “Excuse me, Rorik and Stahl representing Team Lilligant with 116 points! And last but not least, our winner from Team Roserade is Drew and Rotom, with 118 points! Let’s give our finalists a round of applause!”

As the audience applauded the contestants, the leaderboard was updated to show the standing scores of the event.

4 levels: Because Farren the Pineco is lv.100, Alice is awarded 4 Rare Candies
Here are the current standings of the event:
First Place: Team Lilligant with 7 Team Points and 8 Individual Performance Points
Second Place: Team Roserade with 6 Team Points and 5 Individual Performance Points
Third Place: Team Bellossom with 3 Team Points and 5 Individual Performance Points
Fourth Place: Team Tsareena with 5 Team Points and 2 Individual Performance Points

“Do not fret as there will be another chance to earn your team some big points!” Persimmon called out as volunteer gardeners stepped forward holding duffel bags filled with items. “It’s time for the final round of the event! I will hand the mic over to Peony in a moment to explain the details, and as she goes over them with you, we will be handing out the fruits of your labor during the Scavenger Hunt exercise! The quality of the item depends on whether your riddles took you in the right direction or not. Your items will be shared amongst your teammates, so I wish you the best of luck in the final round!”

Team Tsareena Receives:
Chroma: Gorgeous Flower, Fluffy Beard, Smiley-Face Mask, Thick Book, Professor Hat
Alice: Whisk, Striped Barrette, Magic Wand, Maraca, Witchy Hat
Leftovers: Toy Fishing Rod, Blue Barrette, Round Button, Small Barrette, Square Glasses
Alice was relieved when it was Peony who took to the stage instead of their own team leader. She definitely had more charisma and comfort in the spotlight, and the audience was responding to her far better. She praised her Pokemon for his brilliant performance, kissing the bagworm's little pines, and he was delighted to see that their work had paid off. Not only that, but he and everyone else who knew Alice knew that she loved rare candies, so Farren was sure that in spite of their team's placement, Alice would still be pleased. Indeed she was, but there was sourness towards their last place. Of course it was down to having a team member missing, but the trainer was pissed off about it, even if that was the best excuse for losing than any other. At least they didn't suck.

The beauty pageant was pretty quirky and exciting. It was nostalgic of the games she played where dressing up Pokemon for appeals helped secure victory, and as Alice hadn't discovered any contests to enter, she was naturally looking forward to it. The rules were straightforward but the items weren't, especially as the bug had been replaced by a vibrant pink fire-bird for the appeal round. "... Alrighty. Let's see what we got here, Blaze." Alice said, her Pokemon chirping from his perch on the dressing table top. She fluffed his cheeks with affection that, once upon a time, the Torchic had struggled ever to obtain. Her chronic fear of fire really was something else. Dainty hands went through the props that she and Chroma shared, blue eyes shining with focus through her glasses.

"Okay, little man, methinks Alice has a plan~" The 'designer' declared, and Blaze chirped his cheers, little wings flapping with encouragement. Chanting a silly little song, that was part-compliments and part-commentary, Alice set the blue barette round the contestant's neck and fixed the blue button to it; square glasses set on his nose and secured at the sides to avoid it falling off. After that, she gave him the witch's hat, and instructed him to carry the maraca in his mouth. "Give this a shake in the time of the music, okay?" Alice whispered, "And when you get to the end of the catwalk, do a little dance with it, but be careful of your hat and glasses. With a unique charm and appeal like that, I know we can't lose!"

Or so she hoped. People had been cheering for her earlier, so they had some support to bank on anyway, right?

Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – Axel began to work as soon as you finished explaining what needed to be done, beginning with telepathically explaining the situation to the Skiddo. The Pokemon immediately stopped ramming into the cabin and turned toward Axel with curiosity. It was the first time the poor Skiddo was able to clearly hear something for quite some time now. Axel began to make an attempt at removing the sludge from the Skiddo’s ears but it seemed to be lodged in there pretty good, he wasn’t about to give up though. The Skiddo would occasionally quiver because the sludge moving around was tickling its ears. While Axel is doing that, you open up the cabin door and call for Ivan, who jumps out of his seat out, excited that you have returned for him. Then you proceed to explain the situation and his excitement vanishes knowing that you didn’t return for him specifically, it was only because he was the only one around to help. Oh well, it’s his duty to help regardless, he is a ranger and there is a Pokemon in need after all.

He runs around his desk and out the door, noticing that the Skiddo is the most calm he has seen it. “Wow, I’m glad you stopped by! This poor guy would have had to suffer for much longer had you not. I hadn’t noticed that black stuff before at all.” He reaches for a Net Ball that was attached to his belt and tosses it out in front of him, releasing a Wartortle. He then kneels down in order to be on the same level with his Pokemon. “Hey there Franklin. Could you do that Skiddo a huge favor and very gently use your Water Gun to help loosen up that goop in its ears so that the Abra over there can pull it out?” Franklin smiles and nods then turns around, approaching the Skiddo. Axel was listening in and told the Skiddo about the plan so it had already lowered its head and tightly shut its eyes in order to brace itself and prepare for the water. Franklin and Axel make a good team in this situation and after a little bit of work, the sludge is finally free from the left ear and it doesn’t take long for it to be the same for the right ear as well. Once that’s done, Franklin also shoots the Water Gun at its hooves in order to get that last bit of sludge off. The Skiddo is now completely clean and begins to buck around in a celebratory way. Once it settles back down, Ivan approaches it and rubs its head. “I’m sorry I didn’t help you sooner, I would have had I known.” The Skiddo just nudges his hand as if to say it’s alright. Now that the mess is taken care of, Ivan speaks to you about something else you had mentioned earlier. “Now, about that mess in the grass you mentioned, where exactly–!”

Ivan is cut off as the Skiddo charges up and carefully headbutts you in such a way that doesn’t hurt but completely knocks you onto its back and then begins to take off running! “Ah!! Sorry about this Alice!!! I think it wants to show you something!! I can’t leave but I’ll…” Ivan’s voice fades in the distance as you’re carried away. Axel has teleported to you and is also along for the ride at this point. Eventually, Skiddo stops dead its tracks which ultimately causes you to fly off its back since you weren’t exactly secure in the first place. After you manage standing back up you can see the fear in the Skiddo’s eyes but don’t see anything but a hill in front of you, so you climb the hill. You are surprised at what you can see now. There is Sludge nearly everywhere with the exception of what seems to be a path that was intentionally left for walking through. The Trubbish seem to have no problem bouncing around in the Sludge but there are also two men, both wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, over there too so the path must be for them. They are currently loading something into a small cart that is attached to a Mudbray. Eventually one of them moves out of the way and you can see it, the thing they are loading onto the cart is actually a Pokemon, and that Pokemon is Furfrou!! She is covered in the Sludge and doesn’t appear to be struggling. Suddenly they begin to speak. “This one looks a bit familiar, like I’ve seen it somewhere before…” The one man says to his partner. “I don’t think I have but it doesn’t matter either way. Load it up already.” The other responds. “I know, I am.” They finish putting Furfrou on the cart and the one man walks up and pets the Mudbray. “Let’s go boy, we need to grab the next one. Make sure you follow us you two! We’ll come back over here later.” He gets the Trubbish’s attention and both men, plus their three Pokemon and Furfrou in a cart, begin to move away from the area.
When Franklin the Wartortle appeared, Alice practically squealed. She had yet to see one up close, and it was just as adorable and cool looking as one could expect. She just wanted to go over and pet it, to fluff the ears; and as he and Axel worked in tandem, Alice 'ooh'd and 'ahh'd in admiration. If she was still in this world twenty years from now, Alice was sure she'd feel the same excitement and adoration for Pokemon as she did now.

The Skiddo's little hops were charming, too, and she was touched to see that its disposition altered into something much softer once he felt better. "Oh, bless." The trainer cooed, moving to praise her psychic for a job well done. Blue eyes shifted to Ivan when the ranger finally addressed her, only for the goat to literally take her off her feet. There came the bad language train, basically leaving the station.

Through her screaming string of curses, Alice managed to grip onto the Pokemon's leafy mane for dear life, swung awkwardly over its back. When Axel joined them, he was able to help, far more balanced, but the momentum of the creature meant that it was too little, too late. Alice went overhead, rolling over the terrain, temporarily winded. Axel checked over her immediately, providing support as he floated for the blonde to pick herself up with.

"You could have just killed me." The trainer addressed frankly, but jolts from her Pokemon made the young woman take pause. The Skiddo looked terrified, and the aching lady followed its gaze up the hill. "Oh. I see. Right, I got it. There are better ways of handling things, though, yeah? We have a translator. Let's go up, then, Axel. You know the drill." Yes, he did. Hand in hand, the Pokemon half-dragged his charge up the hill, and they stopped short at the summit. Alice's jaw dropped. Now she knew the source of the smell that she had been complaining of earlier.

"Fucking hell, this place is an actual mess." Alice remarked. The ones responsible seemed to be there, too, and the adventurer kept down to try and avoid being seen. Her voice lowered to a hiss, "This doesn't look shady at all. Look, they've got Dutchess! Poor baby girl. We have to follow them somehow. Come on. Ah, Ivan--!" A thought struck her, using her device to snap some pictures of this garbage. With the caption 'Going to follow them, send your friend' and her location attached, Alice mailed it over to her admirer. Even if she could rescue the Furfrou alone, the situation as a whole was - probably - way above her. "This day sucks major butt, dude. Come on, let's go rescue our girl."

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