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Ok let's keep this discussion moving.

I'm not really fit to comment on much else re: full proposals but I like the idea of a point system for Pokémon acquisitions/etc. so let's elaborate on that.

The system I had in mind would basically be similar to what was described by a few people all mashed up - have an allotment of points you can spend on a set of Pokémon, all of whom have values assigned to their base forms. I think this would also help with the balance issue as we could have battles also be restricted through these point values, so you can set a value that will make it tough (or even impossible?) to bring your crushy mon without sacrificing the rest of your team.

Questions for you:

1) What criteria should be used to assign values to mon? Keep in mind, if we're going to do this, I'd like to see evolution take at least minimal effort to keep NFEs somewhat relevant.

2) Relatedly, how should evos work?

3) How much do we want to have to make people sink into new Pokémon? Do they have to buy a slot and then a Pokémon to fill it? Can they just buy 100 Caterpies if they can afford it?

4) How variable do we want to make the point rankings? 1-10? 1-100? How much nuance do we want to show?

5) Will point values be adjustable? How? When? I know that I don't want to fight over a single Pokémon's value for 10 pages, but I also know mistakes can be made or Pokémon can be reanalyzed as useful.

6) Do we want to try to balance clusters of Pokémon with similar values against each other or balance broadly?

I might have more questions later but this is a good start.

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