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Jayson smiled as Gary scooped up the Magikarp, it was in good hands. Jayson was confident that Gary would provide the love and support that Ramoth withheld it would likely grow into a powerful Gyarados, just like its father. On the suggestion that they camp out for the night and come back in the morning to collect his Charmander, Jayson agreed that it would be the best course of action."That sounds like a plan mate, we already have a fire going so we should be pretty comfortable." The two then made their way out of the cave, Gary cradling the broken, water-filled egg with his golden Magikarp Mordred swimming around inside.

They camped out around the fire, Gary made a quick trip back to his base to grab some bedrolls so they could sleep without breaking their backs. The forest was eerily quiet at night, the only sound was the crackling of the fire and the occasional snore from Gary who had already fallen asleep. Jayson soon nodded off as well, his dreams were filled with ambitions as he dreamt of journeys he would have with his new Charmander.

Morning came soon enough and the pair doused the fire before heading back into the cave. Ramoth was already awake, she had no other choice as the newly hatched Charmander ran around the cave, his flame tipped tail swinging around wildly. Jayson grabbed a Luxury Ball out of his bag and expanded it in his hand,"can I go ahead and catch him now? Or am I risking some backlash from Ramoth?" Jayson laughed a little, he was eager to call the Charmander his own.

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