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As Ramoth continued to reject the existence of the flailing Magikarp, Jormungand let out an angry roar. Gary let out a disappointed sigh as he watched this unfold, but knowing her personality and background, he really couldn’t blame Ramoth. After all, she was a proud dragon queen, and someone as majestic as herself producing something like a flopping fish was probably a possibility that she was incapable of acknowledging. As she continued to dote on the Charmander, Gary scooped up the Magikarp and placed her in the water-filled remains of the shell she had come from. Magikarp stared at her mother longingly, unable to comprehend why the Charmander was getting all of the attention while she was cast aside. As Jormungand roared in displeasure, only one emotion seemed to course through her scaly body; revenge. Despite her young age, there was now a determined fire in Magikarp’s eyes as she swore to herself that from this day on she would become better and stronger than her dismissive mother and overtake her.

Jayson asked Gary if he wanted to wait and try again for another Charmander, to which he smiled. Looking down at Magikarp, he saw the expression on her face. “I don’t think so…” he said, petting Magikarp on the head, “I think this one will do just fine.” Looking out to the entrance of the cave, Gary took in the starry sky. “Why don’t we camp out for the night so Ramoth can stay with Charmander a little longer? She’ll probably be willing to part ways in the morning. Gary scooped up the egg shell containing Magikarp in his arms, treating it like a fish bowl to carry the aquatic Pokemon. Keeping her around Ramoth much longer probably wouldn’t do any good. “I think I’ll call you Mordred,” he said, staring down at the golden fish.
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