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Jayson was just as surprised as Gary when the second egg hatched, only to reveal a golden Magikarp instead of a Charmander. Ramoth was obviously unimpressed with the flailing fish and Jayson didn't really blame her. Having to put up with Jormungand as a Magikarp was painful, he was all but useless until he evolved but Ramoth obviously didn't respect the hidden potential of the Magikarp. Ramoth refused to acknowledge the Magikarp even existed, instead she concentrated on the Charmander. Looking across to Jormungand, Jayson could tell that the Gyarados wasn't all too pleased with Ramoth ignoring his offspring. The Gyarados let out a terrifying roar that shook the cave, he was trying to snap Ramoth out of it. It was to no avail however, Ramoth simply ignored Jormungand, she was done with him. Jayson could sense the Gyarados was about to get aggressive so he quickly recalled him into his Pokeball, crisis averted.

"Wow yeah the incense must have overpowered the natural genetic exchange somehow, result in the offspring being of the father's species instead of the mothers." Jayson collected the incense and put it in his bag, it would likely come in handy if he ever needed to pull off something similar."So Gary, looks like you ended up with a Magikarp, sorry about that, we could try again sometime if you wanted another Charmander. Do you think Ramoth will still let me take my Charmander? She seems a little attached and I don't think that Magikarp will serve as much of a replacement."

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