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Gary’s mouth was agape as the tiny golden Charmander broke free of the egg and began exploring the cavern. It was only fitting that the child would inherit Ramoth’s royal pigmentation, and the mother in question proudly gazed at her new offspring. After the curious child introduced himself to Jormungand and Jayson, as he was in range of Ramoth, she corralled him back in her embrace with her long tail. She was aware of the reality that the child would not be staying with her long, but for now until that time came, she did not want to part with him.

Meanwhile, the other egg that was held close to her body had begun shaking more and more as its time to hatch was drawing near. Ramoth stared down at the egg expectantly, but as it burst open, her gaze turned to blank disbelief. A flurry of golden scales splashed out of the water-filled egg shell and flopped helplessly on the cavern floor. Ramoth turned back to give her full attention to Charmander as if nothing even happened just now. However, Gary’s reaction couldn’t be more opposite.

“What? Are you kidding me?” he quickly turned to Jayson, unable to contain his excitement. “How is this even possible? Did the incense influence the DNA so much that the egg’s species took after Jormungand? Moreover, both offspring are golden, just like their mother!” The small golden Magikarp flopped about on the cavern floor, looking up at her mother, who was too busy doting on the Charmander to pay the fish any attention. The Magikarp flopped closer to Ramoth, hoping to join in her embrace, but Ramoth simply shielded herself and Charmander from the distraction with her giant wing like it was a gnat. Magikarp continued her attempts to wiggle her way in, but Ramoth kept repositioning herself at every attempt, only willing to spend her time with Charmander, who she lovingly coated with her flames.


Apollo nervously smiled and munched on some food as Delilah flashed her lights back and introduced herself. A million thoughts entered his head as he tried to come up with the right words to introduce himself, but all he was able to shyly mutter in response was, “I’m Apollo…” Sensing his friend’s awkwardness, Sensei the Alomomola swam over and offered a Helping Hand by nudging the Chinchou from behind. Apollo blushed and quickly pushed some food Delilah’s way with his antenna before adding on, “…nice to meet you…”

As Nami chomped down on the handful of food, and his hand along with it, he was thankful that his hand didn’t come off in the process. He instinctively jerked his hand back after she released it and laughed, reaching back out to rub her on the head. Gary smiled as he listened to Hyrem talk about his Pokemon. “It’s amazing, you spend so many years reading about some Pokemon,” he said, handing Nami another handful of food and watching the two serpentine Pokemon swim around the aquarium, “But seeing them up close and in person for once just exceeds every expectation.” As Bubbles and Juvia swam up to him smelling the food, Gary released some more food into the water for them to feed on while he tried to get a closer look at the beautiful scales on Juvia’s tail. Aero continued to swim circles around Gary and the two sea serpents with a big smile on his face.

Devi and Levi watched as Hyrem joined them while they sucked up some food through their snouts. Despite having just met, Devine already looked like she had taken the younger Leviathan under her wing almost like an older sister. As Hyrem talked about them, Gary grinned. “Sea dragons are a bit of a specialty of mine! I haven’t had Leviathan very long, so I’ve got a lot to learn about Skrelp, but Devi and I have been together forever. She was my very first water Pokemon!” Devine nodded her head proudly, puffing out her chest in order to impress Leviathan, which seemed to work. The two of them swam up to Hyrem, sticking their faces close to his. Devi blew a few bubbles from her snout playfully, which caused Levi to follow suit with some giggles.
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