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OkikuMew: (2/6: Eevee & Eevee)

Surprised at the turn your simple fishing trip had taken, Lune takes any decision out of your hands by digging her paws down into the beach and lobbing a Sandy Attack at the Mareanie's face. Taken aback, more focused on its meal than you or either of your Eevee, the Mareanie falls back, using its tentacles to try - mostly in vain - and wipe the sand from its eyes. With the opportunity given by the starfish-like Pokémon, you (perhaps a bit resignedly) commit to the battle your Eevee has started, thinking up a strategy to execute.

Per your guidance, your two Eevee rush forward, leaving the Corsola to hide behind your legs. Though it looks for a moment like both are charging at the Mareanie, at the last second Soleil extends a metaphorical Helping Hand to Lune, giving the more energetic Eevee an extra boost to her Quick Attack. Ramming into the non-spiny body of the Mareanie, Lune sends the Water-type backwards into the surf, which thankfully for it clears its eyes enough to see. As the Brutal Star Pokémon looks angrily at Lune, though, you see that the Sand Attack had a lasting effect; judging by how the Mareanie's gaze seems situated just a bit to Lune's left, its vision is still blurred. You're proved correct when the Mareanie's own attack, a lunge at Lune with its Poisonous Stingers, sends the starfish-like Pokémon sailing harmlessly past Lune's left.

Grumbling in annoyance at its misstep and still squinting to see its targets, the Mareanie visibly decides on another tactic. Spinning about in a circle, the Mareanie throws down a barrage of rather Toxic looking Spikes at the feet of both your Eevee. It seems that if brute force can't be counted on, this Poison-type is not above using indirect methods of inflicting damage. Lune and Soleil best be careful proceeding.

The battle has just begun and things are mostly in your favor, both from a numbers standpoint and from the good hit Lune managed. With the new 'toxic' terrain and the Mareanie being far from out, though, there is still time for the tides to turn. What will you do?
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