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As his pair of battle-tested bugs came out victorious, Jayson congratulated them and set his sights for taking on the trial captain of the Cloud Forest. However, the two aforementioned Pokemon were a bit worse for wear right now and were probably unfit for such a challenge at the moment. With that in mind, Jayson recalled Spartacus and Trieu and with the intentions of taking them to a ranger’s cabin in the southern plains in order to rest and heal up. With the two bug Pokemon back in their Pokeballs, Jayson replaced them with a pair of Pokemon from the Alola region, Atalanta the Dartrix and Boudica the Mudsdale.

With instructions for Atalanta to scout the trail ahead, Jayson mounted Boudica’s broad back and the group set off down the forest trail. The leafy owl glided through the forest, stopping every now and then on a tree branch to wait for the behemoth of a horse to catch up. As the megaton Mudsdale walked through the wooded trail, her massive hoof prints shook the earth and the corresponding thudding sounds seemed to scare off any local wildlife. Eventually Jayson and Boudica caught up to Atalanta, finding the owl perched on a white signpost that was erected at a fork in the trail.

It wasn’t hard for Jayson to determine which direction they needed to head next; there was an arrow facing south, pointing down the path labeled “Galea Plains.” The three of them turned in that direction and were promptly on their way. From there, it was a short walk through the woods as the trees gradually thinned out.
Once they emerged through the wall of trees, what lay before them was an endless stretch of meadows and hills, with a few scattered trees providing rare oases of shade.

Looking around, another signpost was kind enough to show them the way, pointing southwest to read “Ranger’s Cabin.” Sure enough, on the horizon, Jayson could spot a roof hiding behind a hill with a chimney sticking out of it. Boudica began to trot down the slope while Atalanda glided alongside her, and Jayson began to feel ever thankful for having such a reliable land mount to make the journey that much quicker. Upon arrival at the cabin, Jayson dismounted Boudica and thanked her for her work before returning his Pokemon into their balls and heading inside.

The inside of the cabin was a neat and organized furnishing, ranging from easy to use Pokemon healer machines to PC transfer units to beds and a fully stocked kitchenette for resting and eating. There was no one around, as the ranger was most likely making their rounds around the area, other than a lone Hoothoot, who perched by the ranger’s desk and watched Jayson’s every move. The healer machine was pretty straightforward for Jayson to use as he placed his fatigued Pokemons’ Pokeballs on it and pressed the button. While he waited for it to finish, he had time to fix himself a light snack or contemplate his strategy going forward. Additionally, if he needed to switch any Pokemon out at the PC, now was his chance. As the healer machine finished its duty with a “ding” it was now up to Jayson to set his next course of action. (Please reply in lightgreen)
Jayson treated himself to a quick meal while his Pokemon were in the healing machine. Thankfully it didn't take them too long to find the ranger's cabin, they would still have plenty of time to make it to the trial. Gary hadn't told him much about it, he had merely given him a quick outline. The challenge involved cutting through a log, first one to finish won. Jayson had the perfect cutter at this disposal, Spartacus would surely make quick work of the log. It wasn't that simple though, Gary had told him that while one Pokemon cut, two others would defend their cutter while trying to disrupt the opponent. When it came to offense, Jayson was inclined to place his trust in Atalanta, the Dartrix had a deep movepool that would allow her to apply a lot of pressure of their opponents. Defensively his best option was Odysseus the Magnemite. The Electric type had status moves and access to a couple of handy tricks, hopefully Jayson could make use of them to protect Spartacus and disrupt the opposing cutter.

Jayson heard a ding as the healing machine finished up, he went over and collected his Pokemon. He released Spartacus, Atalanta and Odysseus from their Pokeballs, the crew settled down as Jayson discussed with them what they were about to do. After having a quick chat with his team, Jayson decided it was time to head out. They exited the ranger's cabin and Jayson released Boudicca from her Pokeball once more. Mounting the Mudsdale, Jayson instructed the trio to fly out ahead."We're heading back to the forest now team, fan out and keep your eyes open for signs of a cabin, that is where we should find the trial leader." The journey to the trial would help his Pokemon warm up, Jayson got Boudicca moving with a nudge of his boot while the Scyther, Dartrix and Magnemite flew a few metres ahead of them.

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