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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Welcome to my group MM! I hope you enjoy your stay in the Cloud Garden!

Missingno. Master – You have arrived in the Cloud Garden for one reason and that is to find yourself a shiny Pokemon, since that is the one thing you’re always after since you’re a shiny hunter. Plus, this is a place that is out of the way and has a long history so, hopefully, in this case, that means that rare things can be found here, like Pokemon with a rare color. You and Miror both decide to begin your search in the Plains. This is a very open area but there are many hills, so as open as it may be, it’s still easy to miss something that is hidden behind a hill so you first head for one of the taller hills you can see, maybe if you reach the top you’ll be able to look around and find something interesting.

You go up and down several smaller hills on your way, you haven’t encountered any Pokemon yet but one thing is for certain, you’re at least getting a lot of exercise. Finally, you reach the top of the taller hill and pause to catch your breath a bit before really taking a moment to look out around you for anything of interest. You notice a cabin in the not so far distance ahead of you, this is most likely the rangers cabin that is known to be out here. You continue to look around and once you turn to your right, you notice something that certainly does stand out. There appears to be a very small pond over that way and you can tell there is definitely life of some sort near it but can’t make out what exactly it is from where you are. So, because that is the only thing of interest outside of the cabin, you decide to make your way over there in order to get a closer look so you continue down this hill and up and over a few more smaller hills.

After some time and a few breaks, you reach a tree that is near the small pond and lean against it under the shade as you watch what is happening. There is a poorly dressed man wearing a wool cap with a long gray beard sitting on a stump next to the pond with a cardboard box to his right. There is a Kricketot currently drinking some water from the pond on the opposite side from the man. Once the Kricketot finishes, it looks toward the man warily. “Come now little one, ol’ Percy isn’t going to bite.” The man leans forward, reaching his hand out toward the Kricketot with a small amount of food in it. Eventually, the Pokemon slowly approaches but pauses a few times because it’s just not sure. Suddenly, a Rattata runs over the hill and directly up to the older man that called himself Percy. It is carrying something pink and yellow in its mouth that it then drops by the man’s feet with excitement. “Ah! You actually found one!” The man reaches down and picks up whatever was just dropped and looks it over thoroughly. “A Nanab Berry indeed…” For a moment, the man almost seems as if he is grinning with a look of greed but it only lasts for a second so you may have only imagined it since you’re a good distance away still. The man reaches into the box beside him and pulls out something that is shaped like a gem of some sort. “Here is your reward for doing such a wonderful job. You can only use this Normal Gem once so make sure you use it wisely. Those bullies of yours will certainly leave you alone after you show them the power this gem has given you.” The Rattata smiles with delight then takes the Normal Gem from the man and immediately runs off. From where you’re standing though, something seemed a bit off about that gem, although you’re not sure what.

Having seen this exchange go down, the Kricketot’s curiosity has now peaked and it gladly approaches the man without giving it anymore thought. “Ahh, I see you’re interested in that gem. Well, I have something even better than that for you.” He reaches into the box beside him again, this time pulling out a small brown drawstring bag, opening it up and holding it down in order to show the Kricketot the contents. “This is something called Silver Powder, if you have this then you will become the strongest bug type Pokemon in all of the Galea Plains. That gem from before has a one-time use but this powder here… This stuff will make you powerful forever.” The Kricketot’s eyes begin to sparkle as it imagines what such power would feel like. “However, this stuff is very expensive. I spent a small fortune on it myself, but I’m willing to give it to you for a fraction of what I paid.” He holds the Nanab Berry out in front of the Kricketot. “Bring me two of these and I will glady give you this entire pouch of Silver Powder.” The Pokemon’s excitement shows on its face, all it needs is to bring that man two of those berries and it will become extremely powerful. “Tot!!” The Kricketot runs off over the hills and out of sight in a flash, obviously in search of that berry. The man, who hasn’t noticed you yet and now thinks he’s alone laughs to himself. “This spot is perfect, so many Pokemon are drawn here to get water from this pond.”
The plains were providing frustratingly little in the way of wild Pokémon, Shiny or otherwise. What they were providing, however, was exercise. Lots and lots of exercise. Very hilly terrain, which meant a lot of climbing. Not that Gavin was any stranger to walking- how many times had he made that trek between Pyrite Town and the Rock Poké Spot over the years? Sometimes it was more of a race than a trek, depending on where in Pyrite he was when his P*DA's Spot Monitor went off. But regardless, as accustomed to exercise as he was, this didn't make him invincible, and both he and Miror needed to pause every now and again.

Eventually, they reached a small pond, with a tree near it. Gavin grinned- the sight reminded him of the Oasis Poké Spot, only this wasn't in the middle of a desert. Nevertheless, the sight of a source of shade was just as welcome here as it would be in the middle of the deserts of Orre, and so he led his Maractus to the tree, and sat down, leaning back against said tree, relaxing in the shade. "Ahh," he grinned. "Well, nothing yet, Miror, but the day is young," he said lazily.

"Rrrractus," Miror agreed.

Before Gavin could respond to this, however, something caught his attention- not far from them sat a poorly-dressed man. Among his shabby outfit was a wool cap atop his head, and his beard was as long and grey as Duking was muscular. He sat on a stump near the pond, and had a cardboard box near him. His appearance caught Gavin's attention- he'd seen many a homeless man wandering the streets of Pyrite Town in the past. This man didn't look too different from such people. However, he seemed to be offering some food to a reddish Bug-type the likes of which Gavin hadn't seen before. He lazily dug out his P*DA, slid the metallic device open, and pointed it at the Pokémon, pressing a button marked "Strategy Memo".

"Kricketot, the Cricket Pokémon. Type: Bug," droned the device. "Clacks its antennae together to make a xylophone-like sound. Uses these sounds to communicate with other Kricketot."

The man, evidently named Percy, was trying to coax the Kricketot into coming closer, but the Bug-type still seemed wary. And then came yet another Pokémon. Gavin had seen this one before, though as his P*DA was still out, it spoke up again.

"Rattata, the Mouse Pokémon. Normal Form. Type: Normal," droned the device. "Bites anything and eats everything. Where one is found, at least 40 more are sure to live in the area."

Now Gavin's interest was piqued- Rattata had provided a Nanab Berry for the man, whose face lit up with a brief, momentary look of greed. Moreover, he repaid Rattata's gift with a gift of his own- a Normal Gem. Or so he claimed, anyway- Gavin frowned as he looked at the Normal Gem. He wasn't close enough to tell, nor was he anywhere near enough of an expert to say for sure, but something definitely seemed off about that Normal Gem. Also, was it him, or was this man overselling the capabilities of the Normal Gem somewhat?

And the suspicious only got even more suspicious as Percy then proceeded to make an offer to the now-intrigued Kricketot- all it had to do was bring him two Nanab Berries, and in return, the man would give Kricketot- gasp!- Silver Powder! Gavin raised an eyebrow- a relatively unimpressive type-based held item, and this man was making it sound as good as a Z-Crystal or a Mega Stone. The Shiny hunter's frown became a bit more pronounced- having lived in Pyrite Town all his life, Gavin had seen more than his fair share of con men, scam artists, and Magikarp salesmen, and this guy had that kind of stink all over him.

"...What the fuck is his angle?" Gavin whispered to Miror. "He could be pulling the same con for gullible young Trainers and get some damn money out of it, but... conning wild Pokémon out of Nanab Berries? I don't get it. Miror, what do you make of it?"

"Marac," shrugged Miror, similarly at a loss.

"Well, I want to get to the damn bottom of this," Gavin murmured. "But if we just confront him here and now, he won't tell us shit, will he? No, we gotta be smart about this. Miror, follow me, and act hungry," he stated.

"Ractus," nodded Miror as both he and Gavin stood up.

Gavin led the way over towards Percy. "Oh, don't worry, Maractus, I'm sure we'll find some soon," he was saying. "I- oh!" he added, feigning surprise at the sight of the old man before him, as though he had only just noticed him. "Excuse me, sir," he said. "I don't suppose you might happen to have some Nanab Berries you can spare? They're my Maractus's absolute favorite, but I'm all out, and my Maractus is so hungry."

"Maraaac..." Miror added, catching on to Gavin's act and pretending he was hungry. Gavin waited, expression innocently pleading, to see what Percy would say in response. Nanab Berries clearly meant something to him. Enough for him to scam wild Pokémon into fetching them for him. How would he react upon being asked to spare some? Gavin found himself very curious as to what the answer to that would be.

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