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Medmana- Deciding that Louise's Sweet Scent would be ineffective in this setting, you conclude that the Mawile would need assistance in tracking down the Herdier. Selecting a Pokeball from your bag, you bring out Elen the Inkay to assist you in the pursuit. Upon instruction the Inkay quickly fades from sight, making use of its cephalopod traits to camouflage into her surroundings. You head down the alley the Herdier fled through, hoping to pick up on its trail. Unfortunately there was no sign of the canine, it had disappeared into the crowds of people that filled the street. You push your way through the crowd, looking for any sign of the Normal type but to no avail. Elen is also unsuccessful, she floats above the crowd for a better view but fails to locate the renegade Herdier.

You continue to search hopelessly for the Herdier and your stolen wallet, eventually you reach the end of the street and the low lit shop that stood there. A rusty old sign groaned as it rocked back and forth, the faded words read, "Freya's Fortunes". A veil of beads hung in the door, they gently parted as an invisible entity entered the shop. For some reason Elen had chosen to head into the store, you had the option to call her back but perhaps the Inkay was onto something?

"Come in young one", a haunting voice flows from within the store,"what you seek isn't here but perhaps we can find the path that you must follow."

Gemini Spark- After hearing Emily's small rant about her parents and the situation they were facing, you agree that something was certainly off. Firstly you ask whether than is anyone around that would have seen anything out of the ordinary, to which Emily shakes her head."Nope, we pretty much do all the work ourselves, the only outside assistance we get is from a delivery company that transports our wares into town." With that proving to be somewhat of a dead end, you suggest you inspect the fence in hopes of determining how it was broken and perhaps even finding a clue."That's a good idea actually, I hadn't had a chance to check it out, kind of just raced off after the Seismitoads."

Emily and yourself walk over to the recently mended fence, hoping to find some sign of foul play. Henrietta and Nissa joined you, the two scrambled up the fence and sat atop it for a bird's eye view. The Treecko looked around the Seismitoad enclosure while the Froakie scanned the surrounding swamp, her eyes eventually caught sight of something out of place. Jumping into a nearby tree, the Froakie climbed down to a low hanging branch and retrieved a small piece of fabric that clung to the branch. Bouncing back up over the fence, Henrietta hands the piece of fabric to you. The fabric was black with a green S embroidered on it.

"Hey give me a look at that", Emily takes a quick look at the fabric and recognises the symbol."That symbol is used by a local biker gang, The Swampgator's. They have a small clubhouse on the outskirts of swamp, close to town. There is no reason they should have been hanging around here, do you think they could be involved? We could go hit up their clubhouse and see what they know, what do you think?

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