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After watching some of the young Sunkern get kidnapped by the enemy Jumpluff, Lucas couldn’t help but feel responsible as the Sunflora remained incapacitated. Recalling Horologie and Violette back into their Pokeballs, he sent out Ai, the shiny Kecleon, in turn to make use of her natural talents of disguise to infiltrate ahead. With instruction to blend in with the surroundings and make use of her natural Camouflage, Ai nodded and turned a different shade of green; seemingly becoming invisible to the naked eye as she blended with the leaves around her. She darted ahead to chase after the Jumpluffs who were going north into Roserade’s domain.

As Lucas prepared to follow his Kecleon companion into enemy territory, he turned to Petunia and asked for her to tend to the Sunflora, who were wounded both physically and emotionally. She quickly nodded without missing a beat. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this under control here. Go!” Lucas nodded back and headed back up the pathway that lead into Roserade’s domain for the third time today. With Budew at his side, keeping up as quickly as her small little legs could carry her, there was a determined expression on her face. She had taken her exile from her homeland in stride, but to mess with her newfound friends who had taken her in was the last straw. For now, she had a stem to pick with the Roserade queen.

After walking a short distance, Lucas and Budew arrived at a familiar fork in the road where they found Ai waiting for them. If they were to hang a right, it would take them directly into Roserade’s throne room. Where the left led was a good of guess as any, but as Ai seemed to indicate, it was the direction where the Jumpluffs had taken the Sunkern children. Lucas had a choice to make now. Budew stole angry glances in the direction of Roserade’s throne room, eager to give the queen a piece of her mind. Should they go confront the queen now, or look to rescue the Sunkern first?
With a mostly invisible Ai leading the pack, the group races towards Roserade's throne room to rescue the kidnapped Sunkern, but comes across a familiar fork and a decision to make - prioritize rescuing the baby kernels or satisfy Budew's thirst for revenge and confront Roserade now?

Obviously, there is no clear solution and a ton of unknowns, but Lucas figured he knew the answer that would make the most sense, at least for him. The Sunkern were likely in some amount of danger, and their wellbeing was definitely priority for Lucas. There were some clear downsides, though - not knowing where they're being held and losing the element of surprise - but it would be best to get them out of harms way before storming the castle. But, if they played their cards right and were careful, they might actually be able to get an additional advantage and have some of the Sunkern run some diversion or suppressing fire to allow them to get in more easily. Now, he would need to convince Budew to go along with his decision.

"I know you sre eager to confront Roserade, but should try to free the Sunkern first, and maybe get some backup first. Let's try and scout out where they're being held and see if we can get some of them to help create a distraction so we can strike," Lucas proposed to the little, enthusiastic rose bud, hoping that the bud would put aside her plot for vengeance for a little while to help her newly minted friends.

Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

As the games wrap up, a crowd is beginning to form in front of the stage in the center of the garden. Throughout the day, guests to the garden had become drawn to different teams. Makeshift signs floated throughout the audience, pledging their loyalty to their favorite Queen. The throng of people talked in excited, hushed voices.

Persimmon finishes addressing the crowd, and gives a short wave. There are scattered cheers throughout the audience, and the scientist looks uncomfortable. “Um… I’m gonna hand it over to Peony now…” He shuffles away and hands the mic to his much more socially confident co-gardener.

“Hiii!” As the pink haired girl takes center stage, a spotlight focuses on her. Smaller, colored lights dance around the stage. “Ooh! Thanks for charging up all these lights for us. Anyway, it’s time for THE most exciting part of our program today! A BEAUTY PAGEANT!” The steady beat of dance music starts up and the spotlight moves to the edge of the stage where a cluster of grass Pokemon are standing. They look startled, but file onto stage in groups based on their garden alignments. Signs light up above the four sections of the stage, “COOL” “CUTE” “UNIQUE” and “ELEGANT” in different corresponding fonts.

“We calculated your points from the scavenger hunt, and rewarded you with different items to use during this part of the competition,” Peony explains. “Last but certainly not least, we have Lilligant’s domain, Team Elegant!” Peony flourishes once more as Team Elegant’s section lights up a gentle green. The music gets calmer, and three Petlil waltz on the stage. They finish with a curtsey toward three velvet bags tied up with ribbon. As each Petlil pulls a ribbon, the contents of the bag are revealed.
The bag with a tag reading “Lucas” has a Bouquet of pink and purple flowers, a Laurel Wreath to be worn on the head, a white Lonely Flower, a gold Pocket Watch, and a blue and white Lace Cap.
The bag tagged “Rorik” contains a flowing Black Cape, a black Cane, a sparkling Tiara, a high collared White Cape, and a single red Rose.
The final bag has Alex’s name on it, and inside there is a black Bowtie, a white Gentleman’s Hat, a glass Monocle, a jeweled Necklace, and a royal Crown.
- - -

The crowd whoops and cheers with the introduction of each team, and some trainers even hear their names called out. Peony giggles into the mic and flips her hair, she’s obviously enjoying that the spotlight has returned to her.

“Ok folks, the teams are going to take some time to get ready. Make sure to cheer really loudly for your favorites!” The lights dance around the stage once more, then stop and fade off. The crowd cheers and yells out the names of different teams and their Queens. Each group is escorted behind the stage to a section dubbed the “Greenery Room”. In reality, it was still outdoors, and tables were set up with each team’s different items, as well as some full-length mirrors with vanity lights.

“Mmkay everyone,” Peony addresses the teams, sitting on a stool in the front of the Greenery Room. “I’m gonna like, explain the rules for this part ok? All of those lovely items you were given are for you to dress your Pokemon up with. You can use up to five, ‘kay? You can totally share the stuff you have too, within your own team of course. Take the time you need to get ready, but not like, too long, duh.” She hops off the stool and gives you all a peace sign.

Choose one Pokemon that you will dress up for this portion of the pageant.
Choose up to five (5) items to dress up your Pokemon with.
You can use any item allocated to your Team, multiple trainers can use the same item.
Keep in mind that you will be judged on several different criteria, be creative and have fun picking out different items for your Pokemon to wear!

Please post your replies by September 17
After the games, Horologie had done admirably on the last stage, both as a capable partner in the scavenger hunt and an arcade game player, helping their team get ahead, and Lucas thought she deserved a nice, long rest. After all, once he saw the baskets of items, Lucas had a great idea for how to incorporate another one of his Pokémon that he had been itching to showcase. Once Horologie was returned to her ball, he released Brocart the Goldeen, who took a moment to get her land legs before Lucas started to dress her up. From his basket, he grabbed the Lace Cap, draping it just above her eyes like a veil, as well as the Bouquet and the Lonely Flower. Rearranging the bouquet a bit, he stuck the lonely flower in it as the centerpiece, trying to perk it up. He also borrowed the Tiara from his partner's basket, placing the twinkling crown above her horn to add to her elegance. He then borrowed from another basket, draping the Necklace around her as well.

Handing her the bouquet, which she gripped lightly in her fins, he gave her a few pointers - "Okay, Brocart, we're going to make you into a beautiful bride. Try your best to look coy, but understated, and perhaps try to cry a little? Use the bouquet and flowers to your advantage, as well as the Lace Cap, which you can use like a veil. Look as elegant and beautiful as a lady on her big day."

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