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Medmana- With chaos surrounding you as the Marshals attempt to pin down as many gang members as possible, you find yourself locked in a battle with Madame Marsh. Thankfully you had the assistance of Jacob, the young man's Gligar would certainly come in handy against Marsh's Magneton. Jacob's Gligar quickly got to work, slamming one of its claws into the ground it channeled energy into the earth. A pillar of ground energy quickly erupts beneath the Magneton, spray sand into the air as the Steel and Electric type takes a brutal blow. Glimmer begins to glisten and slowly rise off the ground as she builds up energy, preparing to assault the Magneton with her powerful technique.

"Magnet Bomb the Gligar then Electro ball the Dewpider!" Madame Marsh shouts at her Magneton, her rage continues to grow. Suddenly Bell lets out a burst of silk, the thin thread wraps around the woman's mouth, sealing it shut. As Madame Marsh struggles to remove the string from around her mouth, you notice a red energy began to flow from her body down into the sand. The sand beneath her feet was starting to move and shift, what was going on there? You have to push the thought aside as Marsh's Magneton goes on the attack. Small metallic balls form around the Electric type's magnets as it prepares to bombard Jacob's Gligar. The small projectiles strike with incredible accuracy, exploding across the Gligar's body even as it tries to avoid the attack.

Glimmer's angelic wings sprout as the Seedot finishes charging her attack. She soars up into the air before rocketing back down, slamming into the Magneton with a powerful hit. Unfortunately the Magneton shrugs off the attack as if it was nothing, most likely due to having a quad-resistance to the attack. Bell attempts to assist as he lets out another beam of bubbles, the Water type attack is slightly more successful, the Magneton groans in pain. Jacob's Gligar whips its tail around, sending a spray of sand towards the Magneton, dousing it in the silicate and lowering its accuracy.

Crackling with electricity, the Magneton quickly forms a sparking ball of electricity which it fires directly at Bell. The Dewpider lets out a pained screech as it is blown backwards, the bug slumps down in the sand. You wait for a moment, hoping that Bell was just playing tricks again, however it appears the previous battle had taken a lot out of him. He was now unconscious, he wouldn't be battling again any time soon.

Bell has been knocked out

Finally managing to remove the string from around her mouth, Madame Marsh let out a quick laugh." Ha, one down, two to go! Magneton give the Gligar a Tri Attack before treating the Seedot to a Sonic Boom." The energy continued to flow from Madame Marsh into the sand, the energy seemed to be massing in one point, slowly forming something but it was still unrecognisable.

Sandaa- With this latest development you find yourself with one option. You had to abandon Chad and Daniel, the two would have to find their own way out of the Ribs compound. Jenny and the others at the Drunken Druddigon were most likely in danger, just how long you had to get there was unknown. The quickest way back was teleportation although it was a long distance and Espy would have a hard enough time teleporting you.

"It's fine", murmurs Chad, "we can get out of here now, you go stop the Ribs from hurting Grant and Jenny." Nodding to the pair you turn to Espy and instruct the Psychic type to read your mind in order to determine the destination for your teleport. You try to focus on the kitchen where you encountered the pair of Espurr but can't help but think about Jenny as well. Placing your hand on Espy's head, the pair of you disappear in an instant, only to reappear in a much different setting.

Espy gained 1 level

Looking around you expect to find yourself in the kitchen of the Drunken Druddigon, however you find yourself somewhere else. It is still familiar however, you appear to have arrived in the park where you first met Jenny, Espy must have picked up on this memory as well. Luckily you remember your way back to the tavern, you quickly tear through the streets, Espy close by your side. As you move through the streets you notice that all the windows on the houses are closed up, there was no sign of anyone. You turn down the street and find a battle in progress. Two Ribs grunts bark orders at their Mightyena, the Dark typed hounds sink their teeth into the rough skin of an old blue Druddigon. The Dragon type roars in pain as it lashes out with its claws, batting the Mightyena away from it with vengeful ferocity. The bartender stands behind the fierce Dragon, attempting to protect his establishment.

You then spot a more well dressed man standing to the side of the conflict, another man in shackles was slumped over at his feet. The Ribs admin watched as his grunts continued to try and take down the bartender's aged Druddigon, the old Dragon was managing to put up quite the fight despite being outnumbered."Not long now Grant and you will see your daughter again, I can't wait to meet her", the admin smiled as he ran his hair through his slick black hair. It seems you had arrived just in time.

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