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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

The young woman who you assumed was a bard based strictly on appearances, gave a big smile. She signaled for her Rapidash to come towards them with a small wave towards the flaming horse, she hadn't had a traveling companion in quite some time. She thought he was quite charming, especially for a stranger to their court. Perhaps she would need to construct a song of this event at a later time, but for now she had agreed to escort the man to the castle. Her Rapidash gave a small pleasured neigh upon being called beautiful, causing her to chuckle as she hopped onto her mount.

"Don't toot her horn too much, she already has an inflated ego." The Rapidash gave an angry huff, turning her head rapidly and grunting at her master. She began to lead the horse to a slow canter, allowing Jayson to get on her right side. "You don't know the legend of the Mad King?" She asked, somewhat dumbfounded. "Do outsiders no longer talk of it..?" Her and Jayson continued down the path, heaving the loud hoofstomps of Rapidash and Boudicca. The castle seemed to be growing in the distance, allowing Jayson to observe the wreckage and decay of the once extravagant towers. Sylvi clutched her harp in her left arm, gazing towards the castle. It was clear she was afraid of the castle, as well as the legend... but why.

"The Mad King was a great king... once" She began. "He was gracious, kind, and giving to all of his people. But then one day he just... changed. No one really knows what it was, but eventually his envy finally consumed him and the terrible..." She stopped. "The terrible thing happened..." She said, her voice barely audible. Their horses had suddenly stopped, appearing at the once lavish castle gates, now decayed and discolored with age. She looked up at the doors and then back at Jayson, her eyes looked sad with worry.

"Are you sure you want to go in there..? Most people that do never come back..." Sylvi spoke softly, her voice shaking in fear. Do you heed Slyvi's warnings, or continue into the realm of madness? What do you do?
As they rode along the trail together, Sylvi treated Jayson to a quick summary of the Mad King's story. Apparently once he was a kind and generous ruler but like so many others he was consumed by envy. She also mentioned that something terrible had happened, but for some reason she decided not to delve deeper into the tale. Jayson would let it be for now but he would pry her for more depth later, he was interested to hear how the tale concluded. Did the king die? How did he die? What terrible acts did he commit? Did anyone stand against him? Jayson's curiosity was peaking, perhaps he would find answers within the castle itself.

"Of course I'm sure I want to go in there", Jayson chuckled, surely Sylvi had more courage than this."Tell me Sylvi, have you ever heard tale of a hero who turned back before he even opened the door?" Still laughing to himself, Jayson slid down off of Boudicca's back, Atalanta remained perched on his shoulder. Making his way over to the large oak gates that barred his entry to the castle, Jayson began to push. The gate groaned as he tried to open it, the hinges were certainly rusted over."Boudicca, give me a hand would you?" The Mudsdale gave a short whinny, tossing her head as she approached the gate. Boudicca made it seem effortless, her staggering bulk made quick work of the gates, causing them to swing open, providing them access to the castle.

Jayson turned to look at Sylvi and her Rapidash, the woman was clearly worried."Will you join us Sylvi? I promise my Pokemon and myself are more than capable of protecting you. Jayson redrew his sword from its sheathe, he wasn't worried, just precautious."Atalanta do a quick sweep of the grounds, return immediately if you find something or someone of interest.

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