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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
[SIZE="1"]TheKnightsFury: The lead Shinx looked at his companions and snickered before seeing a shadow begin looming over him. His eyes grew wide as he watched a certain darkness swell within Spartacus, slamming into him viciously before chopping at him twice in quick succession. He groaned in response, looking towards his companions. He hadn't expected such a visceral reaction from the Pokemon, they were adults after all! Why were they attacking such small children? He was on the ground, staring up at his attacker. The Scyther loomed over him, a certain dark power swelling within his chest. Tears began to form in the Shinx's eyes, he didn't know how to stop them. He was absolutely terrified of the strong enforcers that were now seeing to his punishment.

His companions were able to shoot him a quick glance of fear, their ears drooping down as they watched the other two Pokemon they had been teasing rush towards them. The first was the smallest, a normal male Shinx who was tossed in the air by a pillar of Earth striking through the ground. He let out a cry for help as he flew back towards the ground, only to be greeted by the same horse stomping her hooves into his back to pin him to the floor. "Leia! Run!" He cried out, looking towards the female Shinx that was now shaking and looking towards her three attackers in absolute terror. She cowered against the makeshift court, making eye-contact with her attackers.

"I-I'm sorry! I was just listening to Billy!" She pointed a shaking paw towards the lead yellow Shinx, who was staying put on the ground to not anger Spartacus any further. Khutulun smirked down at the young Shinx, it was pitiful how she felt as though the trio could get away with tormenting them and not expect to be taught a lesson.

"Too late for apologies kid!" She yelled, as she rushed towards the Shinx and bit her neck. The Shinx let out a terrified scream, which was following by a much louder scream of Hyper Voice from the Senret. The young girl dropped to the ground, her eyes dazed and her ears ringing. Spartacus' two female companions turned their attention back towards the lead Shinx, who gave an audible gulp. He looked at their faces, his eyes darting quickly while his breathing grew more labored. He had heard Spartacus command his companion to use Bulldoze if they tried to run away, and he found himself shaking in his boots.

"Get up." Said Spartacus flatly, causing the Shinx to quickly scramble to it's feet. Spartacus gave a rather nasty glare and the Shinx cowered back a few inches, he opened his jaws --- causing Boudicca to ready herself. Instead of attacking, he simply dropped the Light Ball by Spartacus' feet. He looked up in response, waiting for the older Pokemon to tell him to leave so he wouldn't be attacked again.

"Sorry.." He mumbled. Looking at his feet.

It seems the Shinx understand that what they did was wrong, terrified they have given you x1 Light Ball. What do you do?
They tore through the trio of Shinx like they were nothing. The tough talking tots were reduced to whimpering bags of tears in nearly an instant. Had they gone a little too far? Possibly but the Shinx had started it, they had brought it all on themselves. Spartacus motioned to Khutulun to collect the Light Ball, the Sentret picked up on the message and scooped it up off the ground. While she made her way over to Boudicca to place their prize in the bag the Mudbray was carrying, Spartacus made his way over to the lead Shinx. The shiny Shinx was still scared shitless, Spartacus wasn't surprised, the Shinx had opened up a bigger can of worms than he thought. Sure the Shinx was only young but if it went about its life thinking it could get away with anything it wanted, it was going to get a worse beating than this.

"Hey kid, just so you don't forget this, I want to give you something", Spartacus's right scythe glistened as he slashed diagonally across the Shinx's face with a False Swipe, attempting to leave a nasty permanent scar that would serve as a constant reminder for the Shinx. Turning to his allies, Spartacus figured it was time to go. For all they knew, these Shinx had parents nearby that would quickly come to their aid if they found out what had happened."Alright Boudicca and Khutulun, I think we better be going now, we should still be able to make the boat back to the mainland."

The three Pokemon made their way back to the boat, moving a little quicker than they normally would, perhaps due to some slight paranoia that the Shinx's parents would be hunting them down.

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