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The problem here is you can't quantify how tall exactly a surf is- Is it a magic surf or a surf using water? Is it a water type using it? Is the mon using it water familiar maybe? What's the weather, if there is one? That DnD description is longer than our descriptions for both Surf and Earth Power. We don't want to write a novel about every one of the hundreds of moves in Pokemon, and nobody wants to read it either. Besides, you aren't expected to get everything on the ref test correct. As time goes on, as you ref more matches, as you get more advice from vets you ref for, as you ask more questions in Q/A, you pick up knowledge and your grade goes up with it. If you were able to look up the interactions of every move on the site, what's even the point of ref grades? You're grading people on their ability to read words in front of them at that point, and you've lost much of the charm ASB has to boot. Part of what makes ASB special is that not every high level ref refs everything exactly the same. I don't ref everything like Sneaze and neither of us ref everything like Connor. To get rid of ref's discretion is to make the referee basically meaningless- the battlers could just look up what happens at that point.

And the challenger squadding first doesn't help, really. You know what type the gym is.
"Oh, this is the water gym, let me pack my Ludicolo, my Lapras, my Lanturn, my Eelektross, my Mega Glalie, and my Octillery."

"Oh, this is the rock gym, let me pack my Machamp, my Ludicolo, my Torterra, my Mega Swampert, my Lucario, and my Steelix."

"Oh this is the dark gym, I'll pack my Clefable, my Wigglytuff, my Forretress, my Infernape, my Mega Gallade, and my Scolipede."

You don't have to know anything about the opponent's squad to rent out a basically impenetrable squad, as long as you know the type.

Also Heather my point was that literally every proposal posted at the time had what you seemed to be asking for. Iron's proposal did what you wanted. As did mine. As did Concept's. Nobody else's was even posted yet. So I think asking what you're looking for is a pretty valid question in that case and wondering if you've read everything in all the proposals is also pretty valid. It certainly doesn't warrant any rude and overly aggressive responses, much less three of them after you've been asked to tone it down not once, but twice.

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.

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