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As Delilah approached the young Chinchou, she noticed how shy he was until he saw her, at which point he brightened his lure as a greeting. She flashed her lure back and came in closer to the smaller Electric-type. It had been a long while since she communicated with her own kind; in fact, the last time she had met another Chinchou was at her old home in Rainbow Reef, and her beaming expression conveyed her excitement. "Hi there, little guy~" she cooed. "My name's Delilah, what's yours?"

Despite Hyrem's words, Nami was going to let her stomach drive her instincts, even more so once the other human said there was plenty of food for everyone, including her. She then looked back at her trainer with a soulful expression and hummed a long, high-pitched whine. Having caught up to her, Hyrem became a very close target of this display, and it wasn't long before his resolve crumbled to her adorable gaze. "All right, just don't make a habit of it," he conceded. A happy squeal came out of Nami before she eagerly turned her head back and brought her mouth down around the handful of food, hand and all, thoroughly cleaning the appendage of the tasty treat before relinquishing it back to its rightful owner.

Gary then saw Juvia and was starstruck at her slender form. "Yeah, Juvia's one Pokemon I'm really proud of having!" Hyrem explained. "I actually got to meet Pike Queen Lucy on an adventure, and the moment I saw her Milotic I just knew I needed one for myself! ...Oh, haha, meanwhile, I think you have a friend!" he commented, observing his Lapras nuzzling Gary's hand and obviously demanding attention from him even while he was feeding his own Pokemon. Hyrem noted all the various Water Pokemon coming to Gary for a snack, smiled quite a bit at the Mantine "flying" around them in the water, and lit up at the sight of the Kingdra, alongside the Skrelp next to her. "Wow, nice Kingdra! I had a Horsea once but couldn't fully raise him; I wish I did though, Kingdra are really cool Pokemon!" He then decided to swim over to the two seahorses, hoping they would allow him to interact with them. Meanwhile, Bubbles and Juvia continued to explore the tank when they started to smell the food as well, which would soon bring them back towards Gary in the hopes of getting their own morsels.

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