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Inexperienced as you were in battles, you knew two things. One, was that you hated seeing your Pokemon get hurt in the way that they were. And two, that this Litwick most certainly had some sort of mean streak in it. Watching Eclair be licked at by the flames of fire and wince from her burn threw you back to all the times that you had burnt yourself while cooking over heat, but you had certainly never fought fire in the same way that Eclair was right now. Although the Litwick had seemingly never battled before, it certainly knew that it's opponent had some sort of poor disposition to fire. As the Astonish landed on Eclair, she fell to the ground --- causing the Litwick to give a happy giggle and move closer to the Mawile to loom over it as threateningly as a cute little candle could.

You had finally had enough, rummaging through your bag for a cute pink Pokeball. You let out a deep breath in anticipation, looking to capture you Mawile's attention you commanded her to Captivate her foe. It was a risky play, considering that the creature's gender hadn't yet been made clear. However, it seemed to fall for the bait. Making goo goo eyes are your Mawile and letting a small trail of candle wax drool drip from it's mouth. This was your shot. As you threw the ball with all your might, you squeezed your eyes shut. You couldn't watch, you were far too excited. Eclair kept her eyes on the pink ball, watching it spin through the air gracefully before hitting the Litwick on the head.

The creature spun quickly before being sucked up in a pale red light. Eclair watched in anticipation as the ball shook once... and then twice. It stopped for a second, causing her to prepare to attack whatever came out. It finally gave a pitiful weak shake, before the Heal Ball made a small locking sound. It was over, the Litwick was yours. Eclair cheered for you, looking at the now motionless ball on the ground.

The young girl then opened her big blue eyes, looking around from next to Athena. "W-where am I? Where's my mommy!" She cried out, tears forming in her eyes. Oh dear. It seems that she really was lead here by the ghost and was now seemingly lost. She looked around, panicked, taking a glance down at her dirty clothes. "Mama is gonna kill me!" She yelped.

Athena should probably get this gal home... what do you do?

(Congrats! You captured a Lv.10 Male Litwick)


The battle had gotten too much for Tengu, he was far too weak and frail to simply take on this threatening snake alone. Unfortunately, your strongest team member was Freighya --- and at this point in time you had deeply hoped to give your lesser team members some time in the spotlight. With an apologetic look to your Drowsee, you grabbed your Espeon's ball and sent her out in a flash of pale light. With a party of five, you felt much more confident. The Pokemon all lined up bravely, allowing Freighya to take in the situation in a better light. She gave a quick nod, moving alongside her teammates and preparing to strike. As she ran towards where the fighting was happening, she struck the Ekans that was holding Tengu in order to allow him to go free. It gave a low hiss, before charging at Freighya and clamping down on her body with it's powerful Bite. She hissed, responding with a vicious hit of Psychic. The snake grunted loudly, before being assaulted by a Psyshock from Baku directly after the blast of psychic. The snake gave one last hiss before falling onto the ground, knocked out thanks to the combined efforts of your Drowzee and Espeon.

You smirked triumphantly, that was one snake down two to go. Tengu made his way towards you, waddling as quickly as his tiny legs could carry him. Upon feeding him two of your rare candies, he felt a certain energy fuel him. Following your commands, he stayed put and began to harden his shell while standing in place. Meanwhile, DTM stood motionless, not being given commands by her trainer --- she had no idea how to act. She felt sluggish due to the speed drop that had been given by the Ekans, which slowly dashed towards her and Wrapped her up.

Oisin stood alone against the Arbok once again, he gave a low grunt. He was feeling exhausted and worn, this battle had taken a lot out of him. The Arbok on the other hand, loomed on threateningly. It looked much more well off than Oisin, and was prepared to strike him down if it needed to. Oisin gave another blast of Seed Bomb, which again, barely dented the Arbok. The Arbok brushed itself off nonchalantly, before ramming into the Deerling with a full force Slam. At this point, Oisin is looking as though he can barely stand on his own legs.

What do you do?


The young woman who you assumed was a bard based strictly on appearances, gave a big smile. She signaled for her Rapidash to come towards them with a small wave towards the flaming horse, she hadn't had a traveling companion in quite some time. She thought he was quite charming, especially for a stranger to their court. Perhaps she would need to construct a song of this event at a later time, but for now she had agreed to escort the man to the castle. Her Rapidash gave a small pleasured neigh upon being called beautiful, causing her to chuckle as she hopped onto her mount.

"Don't toot her horn too much, she already has an inflated ego." The Rapidash gave an angry huff, turning her head rapidly and grunting at her master. She began to lead the horse to a slow canter, allowing Jayson to get on her right side. "You don't know the legend of the Mad King?" She asked, somewhat dumbfounded. "Do outsiders no longer talk of it..?" Her and Jayson continued down the path, heaving the loud hoofstomps of Rapidash and Boudicca. The castle seemed to be growing in the distance, allowing Jayson to observe the wreckage and decay of the once extravagant towers. Sylvi clutched her harp in her left arm, gazing towards the castle. It was clear she was afraid of the castle, as well as the legend... but why.

"The Mad King was a great king... once" She began. "He was gracious, kind, and giving to all of his people. But then one day he just... changed. No one really knows what it was, but eventually his envy finally consumed him and the terrible..." She stopped. "The terrible thing happened..." She said, her voice barely audible. Their horses had suddenly stopped, appearing at the once lavish castle gates, now decayed and discolored with age. She looked up at the doors and then back at Jayson, her eyes looked sad with worry.

"Are you sure you want to go in there..? Most people that do never come back..." Sylvi spoke softly, her voice shaking in fear. Do you heed Slyvi's warnings, or continue into the realm of madness? What do you do?
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