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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
((Once again, sorry for my long silence. I had a rough July but now I'm back to stay.))

Ironthunder: The Rattata looked immediately relieved, he gave a true smile and handed the golden leaf to Caeda.

"Thank you, ladies! I really do appreciate it. I'll be back in a jiffy." He looked around a little, nervous and jittery once again. He seemed like he was trying to keep an eye out for something... or someone, but no one seemed close --- sound wise at least. He took to his front paws and ran away as fast as his small legs could carry him, it was certainly an odd sight but the three of you were sure that he was up to something. Hope snuck into the shadows and began to follow the young rat, nothing seemed out of ordinary at first. Actually it seemed as though he was just trying to get as far away from your trio as fast as he possibly could. It almost looked as though he was trying to get out of the rainforest, as if he was fleeing from something or someone.

Caeda and Kaitlyn remained alone, waiting for Hope to return and report back to them. As they stood patiently, wondering if the Rattata would return first or their companion --- they heard a few voices in the distance.

"Where did that rat go?" A rather deep an gruff voice from afar asked, Kaitlyn could hear and feel the heavy stomps as whatever it was feet hit the ground. It was followed by a more wispy hissing voice, almost as if it was coming from a snake.

"I'm sssure he didn't go far, we need to get our leaf back or the bossssss will be quite upssset." This voice was from a female, obviously of slithering descent. The two Pokemon waiting in the clearing didn't have to wonder long, as out from the greenery came a Donphan and a Seviper --- they looked aggressive, certainly not the friendliest type of Pokemon. The Seviper glanced at Kaitlyn and gave a sly smile before speaking, "Hey girlsss, have you ssseeen a Rattata around here? He ssstole one of our... thingsss." She asked, looking mostly at Kaitlyn.

"Sevi! You fool! That Skarmory has the leaf, these two most be working with him." The Donphan reared up as if he was going to attack. "You two are gonna come with us to see the boss, he won't be happy when he realises you helped steal his prized possession."

This seems bad, are you going to be able to talk your way out of this one? What do you do?
Caeda realised the situation was going downhill faster than a skydiver in a concrete bodybag when the Donphan reared up, which caused Kaitlyn to back off in fear. The Pokemon were large and could probably easily reclaim the leaf by force if they wanted to: a feat that looked far from impossible, as she had no way to defeat the Donphan reliably without Kaitlyn, who would most assuredly be targeted and decimated by the Seviper the moment things got heated. Also, she didn't want to risk a hostile run-in with this 'boss' they spoke of. And without any real way to find Hope and the Rattata, they didn't really have much of another option. Unless... Caeda dropped the leaf and moved away from it, keeping a wary eye on the arrivals as Kaitlyn followed her lead. "Take it if you want, some Rattata dumped it on us as he bolted through here. Looked like a shifty dodger to me, so we sent Hope to follow him. He went that way, looks like he was more focused on getting distance down than actually going someplace." As she said this, she gestured with her wing to show the way the Rattata had gone, and awaited their reaction, preparing to block whatever the Seviper may throw at Kaitlyn with her own body before unleashing a Drill Run or two in return should they be attacked, while Kaitlyn prepared to unleash a Nature Power or two onto the Donphan should things turn sour.

Hope on the other hand, was having a less interesting time. The Rattata seemed quite intent on fleeing the rainforest like... well, like rats fleeing a sinking ship. She was by now quite sure that the Normal type was up to no good and had more than likely bitten off more than it could chew: Quite a feat, as Rattata can generally gnaw through almost bloody anything. Perhaps a spot of interrogation is in order, she smiled, as she floated down towards him, being sure to keep above biting range. "Stop!" she shouted, before preparing a Shock Wave to rattle the rat, although not firing it until she was attacked or the wretched creature attempted to flee. "You said you were going back for your leaf, remember? Or did you just plan to dump something you stole on my friends? Because if you've tried to set my friends up, then you can join me in the afterlife and see what it's like from over here!"
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