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As Millicent led the way back, Willow spoke up, making her voice audible only to Robin this time. You did the right thing, telling Millicent, she stated. I have seen young Pokémon who deal with loss much worse than this, and they were always OK in the end. Millicent is strong, and not just physically. It will take her some time, but she will be OK.

"Yeah, sure," Jack replied, before turning back into a copy of his Trainer. "Alright, Cayenne's asking if we want drinks. We want drinks?"

"I could use something to drink, sure," Keith nodded. "Ask what they got to drink."

Jack nodded, melted back down into his usual form, and turned back to Cayenne. "We want drinks," he confirmed. "What kind of drinks we got to choose from?"

At that moment, Millicent had led the way back. Keith took one look at his devastated Timburr, and knew in an instant that his grim suspicions had just been confirmed. He walked over and pulled the distraught Fighting-type into a hug, whereupon she started sobbing into his shoulder.

My condolences, Luna said to Robin, her head bowed somberly.

Aster squirmed uncomfortably, as it became clear she was freaking Hazel out. "...I didn't mean to," she said. "I... I got carried away a couple times... I... P-Pisces told me my kind are hunters, b-but I don't wanna kill anyone..." Thoroughly flustered by this point, Aster hid her face behind her tentacles.

Anion's compliment got Voltaire blushing, which in turn elicited a grin from the Minun. Voltaire then used Metronome once more, and this time Anion saw that Voltaire was now using Ice Punch. She had no real suitable counter for that, so she decided to wing it. Letting out a Growl beforehand, Anion charged forward, intending to fight back with Quick Attack.

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