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After agreeing that they should return, Millicent began to lead the way back to the living room. But as Robin began to follow the Timburr, she couldn't help but feel incredibly guilty.
She had done the right thing by informing Millicent of the truth right? It was better then leaving Millicent in the dark, right? Watching the Timburr as she leaned on Willow, Robin wasn't entirely sure anymore.
Still, it was much to late to take it back now. Whatever consequences were to come of it, she had to prepare herself for.
With Tessa now occupied with Meowth, Cayenne turned his attention back to Jack.

"Oh right! Can you ask your trainer if they want any drinks?" The Torchic questioned.
"I find those sandwiches go best with a refreshing drink! And Tessa can bring it out super quick! You can ask for one as well if you want, we don't mind!"
"Oh...I umm...guess that makes sense." Tessa murmured, once Meowth was done talking.

"I'm uh...sorry for doubting you. It's just umm...special is probably the last uh...word I'd use for me."
Hazel's eyes widened, and his face fell as Aster described eating the coral on Corsola.

"Oh I-I see....t-that's...certainly interesting." Hazel stammered.
"You s-said you "try not to kill them". D-does that mean you have b-before?"
After sustaining the powerful Dark type attack, Anion managed to snap out of her trance. And as she complimented Voltaire, the Emolga couldn't help but blush. Sure, breaking his spell on the Minun hadn't been his intention, but he couldn't deny how great it felt to be praised.
In fact, Voltaire was so distracted by Anion's words, he didn't have time to react as a glob of slime and garbage crashed into him, sending the Emolga tumbling backwards!

But Voltaire was determined to win, and quickly rose to face Anion once more! Now it was his turn to attack!
Gathering more energy into his finger, Voltaire began to wiggle it back and fourth, summoning a random move with his Metronome.
With his new move selected, Voltaire began to cover his arm in Ice, before rushing towards his opponent, intent on delivering a powerful Punch to the Minun!
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