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"Guess so," Keith agreed. "Though I also seem to attract the not-so-young ones that also love to battle. Case in point, that Vespiquen of mine," he chuckled. "And Anion, for that matter." He watched Artemis and Eon spar as he talked. "They're pretty good, huh?" he grinned. "Artemis trains with Hermione a lot- that Weedle of mine taught her a lot about making the most of a limited selection of attacks."

Once the Seed Bomb/Poison Sting standoff came to an end, the Shiny combatants charged at each other, but this time, it was Eon's Tackle who won out- Eon having Adaptability, she was able to put even more extra force into her Normal moves than the average Normal-type could boast.

Artemis stood in place several feet away from her friend, breathing a little heavily. "Not bad," she said, sounding mildly impressed.

"Not bad yourself," grinned Eon. "You got stronger. And that Poison Sting is new, almost caught me off-guard. Would have, in fact, except you told me you were close to learning it."

"Yeah, and I don't recall ever seeing you use Seed Bomb," responded Artemis. "Nice counterattack. Ready for more?"

"Bring it, Arti," grinned Eon. She charged forward for another Tackle, but this time, instead of meeting it head-on, Artemis tried firing String Shot into her path. But the Eevee was able to jump over it each and every time. Artemis could have dodged it... but no. She already knew a well-timed String Shot to the ceiling, followed by reeling it in, would let her evade the attack with ease. But she was tough- she didn't have to evade attacks, she had to find a way to take them head-on! She had to improvise somehow...

Artemis curled herself up, and unleashed String Shot upon herself, encasing herself in thick layers of sticky string, hoping this would cushion the blow from the Tackle and help her withstand it. And sure enough, the Tackle did not send Artemis flying like the last one. She rolled backwards a bit, but not very far. And then, there was struggling from within the layers of String Shot- Artemis wasn't able to break free from her own String Shot! "...Arti?" said Eon, sounding concerned for her friend.

But then, the big wad of silk ceased movement. For several tense moments, all was silent and still. And then... and then the whole thing glowed brightly, a blue-white glow emanating from the silken wad. The shape didn't change much, as it was already in the basic shape it was looking to become. Keith grinned- Artemis, without even knowing it, had set the stage for her evolution, and as the glow faded, what had been a wad of silk with a helpless bug trapped within was now the solid neon green shell of a ! That said, Keith had no idea which way Artemis had just evolved- this was the first he was ever seeing of this line's middle stage in Shiny form, and he didn't know if a neon green shell meant a Shiny Silcoon or a Shiny...

"Cascoon, the Cocoon Pokémon, and an evolved form of Wurmple. A Bug-type," said Keith's Pokédex, answering the question he was pondering. "Cascoon makes its protective cocoon by wrapping its body entirely with a fine silk from its mouth, which hardens once it surrounds its body. Once it evolves again, it seeks vengeance against those who have wronged it in this transitional stage. This specimen is Shiny," it added unnecessarily.

"Beau-u-u-u..." Fatale murmured. If her mouth wasn't so long, narrow, and needle-like, she would have been beaming with pride at her daughter's evolution, said pride thoroughly overshadowing what little regret there was at the fact that she did not become a Silcoon like her mother did so many years ago- Artemis's father, after all, was just as much a part of her life as Fatale was.

"Oh, wow, you evolved!" grinned Eon. "How's it feel?"

"Weird. Different," replied Artemis. "I no longer feel nimble or agile, or even mobile... but I do feel sturdy."

"Well, we'll just see how sturdy!" Eon declared, charging in for another Tackle. Artemis responded with a bright gleam that came over her entire shell, the Harden attack making the shell tougher still. Eon rammed into Artemis, but barely knocked the Shiny Cascoon back at all.

"Not bad," remarked Artemis, her tone implying that she was smiling despite lacking a discernible mouth in this stage. "Now let's see how this works out!" And with that, she unfurled a pair of silk spikes from the surface of her shell, firing a Poison Sting from them directly at Eon, who once again went for the Seed Bomb as a counterattack, though this time some of the needles managed to make it past the seeds.

"Yeah, sure was," replied Anion. "What's she got there?" she added, indicating the towel in Amicae's arms- and more to the point, whatever was within said towel.

What? Wurmple is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Wurmple evolved into Cascoon!

*Artemis learned Harden!*
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