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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
TheKnightsFury: With everyone in position, the Shinx started the match. Boudicca remained on the right side of the field, with Khutulun at the helm, ready to strike the ball away from the lead yellow Shinx. His two companions were in their positions, and they seemed to be plotting something. As they had huge grins on their faces and were chuckling to one another, Spartacus found himself worried. Were the Shinx planning on not playing fair? Or were they simply laughing at their ploy for the game, whatever the case --- he was prepared. The lead Shinx batted the ball, causing Khutulun to miss it entirely, she was baffled, as her keen eye was ready for this sort of thing. She had never seen a Shinx move with such Agility... actually wait a second. No land creature should move that fast without using some kind of aid. Before Spartacus or Boudicca could react, the lead Shinx had already flicked the ball into the goal. He was faster than any of them could react to, which wasn't exactly fair.

Khutulun was quick to claim that they were cheating, which only made the yellow Shinx grin in response and show her his teeth threateningly. "All's fair in love and war, sweetheart." He smirked, looking at his companions who were chuckling before picking up the beautiful yellow orb. "Besides, it's our court, our rules. And as we told you, this ball is ours. So if you don't like the way we play, you can get the hell away from here." The Shinx walked towards his companions, laughing the whole way. It was obvious to the trio at this point that the Shinx never had any intention of playing fair, so there was no way to get the ball by playing their little game. They were actually quite mean spirited for being such young children, Khutulun found herself growing more and more restless. Both of the girls looked at Spartacus for guidance, it was quite apparent at this point that if you wanted the ball --- being fair and kind was out of the question. It also seemed as though they had no intention of simply giving it to you. It also appeared as though the Shinx were beginning to leave the field, almost as if they had lost interest in even playing with you.

You had to do something if you wanted the orb... but what could you do? Do you try talking to the Shinx? Or simply move on? what do you do?
Spartacus was furious, but not as furious as his team mates. Khutulun was ropeable and Boudicca was about ready to crack, her already hot temper was about to hit boiling point. Spartacus had two choices, he could either rein in his team and they could move on like civilised Pokemon or they could smash these dirty little Shinx into the ground. They had been more than compliant with the Shinx's rules, they had played nice already. No, this little shitkicks needed to learn a lesson, a lesson that they wouldn't soon forget. Spartacus could feel a darkness growing in him, he couldn't control it any longer. He rushed forward ready to strike the lead Shinx with a Shadow Break before striking it again with a Dual Chop.

Boudicca and Khutulun saw Spartacus rushing forward and smiled with delight, they were hoping that would be the Scyther's response. Boudicca slammed her hooves into the ground, preparing to strike one of the assisting Shinx with an Earthpower before rushing in with High Horsepower to crush it into the ground. Khutulun rush towards the other assisting Shinx, intent on sinking her teeth into its neck with a Super Fang before rattling it with a Hyper Voice.

Out of the corner of his eye Spartacus could see his partners preparing to join him in the impending blood bath. Ultimately they need to get their hands on the Light ball, the Shinx might just try and get away with it. Spartacus was flying now, quickly closing in on the main Shinx,"Boudicca if they try to run, stop them in their tracks with a Bulldoze." Khutulun payed attention to the order as well, if Boudicca went for the Bulldoze she would be ready to rise onto her tail, that should help to weaken the hit she would take from the widespread attack.

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