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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

A castle to the North. It had certainly peaked your interest, a curious land formation that lay ahead. You had to wonder if anyone still resided in it, perhaps some knights that you could spar with... or maybe even a king that could officially declare you as some sort of royal knight. You were sure it was abandoned, and had been that way for quite some time. However, a little hope in the unknown really never hurt anyone. Atop your powerful steed, you felt like a true knight --- You were sure you'd make a good knight, so long as you were given the opportunity. Although the lore of the castle fascinated you, the prospect of getting some kind of new Pokemon was even more exciting. It was possible that you could even encounter an elusive dragon type, you had heard they were rare... but you weren't exactly sure how rare.

As your steed thundered along the path, which was particular faded from being forgotten for so many years. Your Dartrix poked her head up, realising that you had arrived at some sort of new destination. You yourself felt... odd. There was something about this place you couldn't place, some sort of dark aura that permeated your entire being. Something terrible had happened here... you had heard about the calamity, but the details were forgotten over time. You grasped the sword the clung to your hip, the bad vibes that the castle in the distance was giving you were getting worse. You felt like something bad was about to happen, and you had to make sure that you kept everyone safe. As Boudicca continued down the path, you noticed someone resting on the road ahead. It was an odd character, sitting on the side of a ride that had long since been abandoned. You began to ease Boudicca to slow down, wanting to get a better look at the character. It was a young woman, a small harp resting upon her lap. A tilted hat with many feathers resting in it's side was resting atop her head, flattening some of the puffy curls of gold that were atop her head. Upon hearing you approach, she sat up signalling for you to come closer. You pulled Boudicca to a halt, jumping from her backside and walking towards the woman.

"Oi. Haven't seen your face 'round here before." She smiled, tipping her hat upwards. Allowing you to get a better look at her big, beautiful golden eyes. "Are you heading to the castle? Haven't you heard the rumours?" Her face shifts to one of concern. "It will drive you mad... like it did the king." She grips her harp in fear, before shaking her head and sticking out her hand. "I'm sorry, I get ahead of myself sometimes. I'm Sylvi." She smiles, glancing at Boudicca. "Beautiful horse you got there... mine's over yonder." She points towards a valley behind her, where a proud looking Rapidash stands, staring towards the castle. She glances back at you, eyeing you intently. "If you really want tew' go to the castle, I can take you there... don't expect me to stay there long with you though!"

She seems friendly enough, although a little curious. However, she is offering to keep you company. What do you do?
A stranger by the side of the road, her appearance suggested she was perhaps a bard, maybe she would construct a song of Jayson's conquests? Although strangely dressed, Jayson couldn't help but find her somewhat attractive. Perhaps it was the harp in her hand that attracted Jayson, he had always been a fan of the delicate notes the instrument played. Jayson was curious when she mentioned the mad king, he had heard a little about it but perhaps this bard was privy to a more detailed tale.

"Well met Sylvi", Jayson gave the woman a smile and bowed his head slightly."I am no stranger to madness, if madness awaits me then it's madness I face. I would enjoy the pleasure of your company, I have been on the road with naught but my Pokemon to keep me company for many a day now." Jayson looked across to Rapidash, standing in a small clearing, eyes solely locked on the castle in the distance. Its flaming mane and tail billowed and flickered, it truly was a magnificent Pokemon. That is indeed a beautiful mount you have there, I have always been rather fond of Rapidash, they're such elegant Pokemon. Perhaps you will regale me with the tale of this 'Mad King' while we ride? I have heard little about him." Atalanta flew down from atop Boudicca's head. Gliding on silent wings she circled Sylvi before returning to perch on Jayson's shoulder, nuzzling up against her trainer's head."Shall we continue down the path? I am quite eager to get to the castle."

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