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Both of them had their eyes locked on the eggs that Ramoth was coveting, Jormungand was coiled up against the side of the cave, clearly exhausted. The eggs were already beginning to hatch, they had agreed that he would have the first one to hatch so Jayson was eager to see what was coming. He didn't have to wait long, soon a blinding light emanated from the egg, causing him to shield his eyes. He heard a little growl as the light died down, looking at where the egg was there was now a sparkling gold Charmander. The baby fire lizard looked up at its mother, who affectionately lent in and began to nuzzle the newborn.

Before long the Charmander had scrambled out of the Ramoth's hold and was now roaming around the cave, peaked by curiosity. It had been a while since Jayson had seen a Charmander but this one was bigger than he remembered. It was likely that Jormungand's increased size had based onto his offspring, producing the perfect 'little' Charmander. The shiny specimen then went over to his father, the tired Jormungand let out a shallow growl. Charmander began to play with the Gyarados's whiskers, only for Jormungand to open his mouth and lightly bathe the Charmander in a Flamethrower. The Charmander was fine, if anything he was cheerful but he got the message and let his father rest.

"Hey little fella, come over here", Jayson called the Charmander over. Digging into his backpack, Jayson produced a clutch of mysterious gummis, thinking the newborn was surely hungry. He wasn't wrong, the Charmander quickly devoured the treats before nuzzling up against Jayson's leg, it seems he had already made a friend. Looking over to Ramoth, Jayson noticed the second egg was getting close to hatching."I think your up Gary."

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