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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post


Your Pokemon seemed to be taking the battle rather poorly, the Croagunk had slowly limped away after being forcably shoved aside by Oisin. He appreciated the concern of your Pokemon, especially that strangers had come to help his family. He was so exhausted from the battle with the three vicious snakes that two of his teammates had to help him get away faster than he was before, one was the Oddish from before, she gave a passing glance to Tengu, hoping he had no bitten off more that he could chew. The small Oddish and a Bellsprout quickly escorted their leader away, knowing that they needed to treat his wounds quickly.

Knowing that your trio was vastly outnumbered by the snakes in terms of strength and skill, you sent out another Pokemon --- one who had a type based advantage against the snakes, your small Drowzee. The Drowzee in question wasn't exactly a fighter, she much prefered to observe Pokemon and come up with logical conclusions. In this way, she was much like an intelligence agent for your team. Despite this, the Drowzee realised that sometimes bad Pokemon deserved to be attacked. Sometimes when Pokemon were putting others in danger, they needed to be stopped by any means necessary --- even if it meant using some force. Baku glanced towards her trainer, following her command for a Psyshock --- however, she decided that out of the trio of her friends that were fighting, Oisin probably needed the most help. The Deerling was stubborn, sure. But he was already taking heavy damage from the large lead snake. She jumped to his side, unleashing a Psyshock that caused the snake to hiss out in pain loudly. It eyed it's new attacker and quickly slithered towards her, Beating Her up with it's thick head and body. Baku stepped back slightly, the dark type pummelling had hit her somewhat hard, but she knew she had to stay strong.

Oisin stared down the snake, it had hurt him quite a bit --- and now it was attacking his friend. He unleashed a barrage of seeds, hitting the Arbok in a bombing sort of formation. The snake hissed in annoyance, the seeds didn't hit for very much damage and all they really seemed to do was piss the snake off even further. It coated it's tail in an iron like substance and swung it at Oisin but the little deer was quick enough to avoid the hit, forcing the Arbok's tail to hit the ground hard. The other two Ekans unleashed their own attacks in response to being attacked, DTM had used Foresight on her Ekans, causing it to respond with a rather Scary Face. Tengu blasted his Ekans with a Bullet Seed, to which it only gave a mere smirk in response. It quickly slithered towards Tengu and wrapped it's body around it, squeezing Tengu hard in it's grasp.

The battle continues forwards, how will you act? What do you do?

Kawaii sighed, there was still not enough help and her pokemon were still getting destroyed. She wanted to keep her starter out of all of this just to give her other pokemon a chance. With an apologetic look at Baku she drew out another pokeball “alright Frieghya join the fight!”
Her Espeon appeared in a flash of light. The psychic type was colored a light pink instead of the normal light purple and the jewel on her forehead resembled an opal instead of the normal red color. Freighya took in the situation and ran to the aid of the grass types.
The pink haired trainer took in the situation and had one more idea, she was close to being out of rare candies but she could spare two in order to improve the situation. She called out to Tengu “come over here Tengu, Freighya take his place.” The Espeon nodded and ran over to the spot where the seedot was. The grass/dark type waddled over and gasped out a sigh. Kawaii smiled and fed the little acorn 2 Rare Candies.
Tengu leveled up to level 2
Tengu leveled up to level 3
Tengu learned Harden
The female trainer looked back at the battle with a smile “Let’s do this. First Frieghya use psychic on the nearest snake, Baku use psyshock on the same snake, Oisin use seed bomb again and finally Tengu stay here and use harden.” She commanded and her pokemon sprung to action. First off Frieghya took aim at a random serpent and fired a psychic wave. Next the Drowzee repeated the action from her last move as did the Deerling. On the other hand Tengu stood by as his outer shell thickened.

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