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Your Mawile looks particularly frustrated upon seeing the Litwick harm you, you're sure it wasn't exactly on purpose... what sort of Pokemon would actively attempt to hurt a human? Eclair cringed slightly, feeling the effects of her burn beginning to weigh her down. The Litwick let out a pitiful little sob, wiping it's tears away with two makeshift hands made of wax. It glanced towards Eclair, watching as it's flames enveloped the Mawile. It's eyes stayed on the pillars of fire, almost as though it was enchanted by it's own attack. You had to wonder if the creature had ever actually had a Pokemon battle before, as it seemed to be particularly young and naive in that aspect --- it hadn't even known that the Smog attack wasn't going to work on Eclair. It shook itself, freeing itself from it's momentary awe only to see Eclair charging at it with a full bodied Iron Head. The Litwick let out a pitiful scream, being thrown across the battlefield.

The Litwick stood itself back up, looking a little wobbly on it's feet. The creature's eyes were filled with tears, it looked as though it was ready to simply give up and quit while it was ahead. The flame on it's head even looked as though it was getting weaker and gradually depleting the longer it fought against the Mawile. It let out a wail, letting loose a small stream of embers from it's mouth. Striking Eclair directly, causing her to shield her face. The flames that still surrounded her licked at her, causing her to sustain some damage. The Litwick looked proud of itself, glancing back towards you. Noticing the food source it was praying on coming back to life slowly in your arms, it let out an angered cry. Turning around and charging at Eclair in an astonishing display. Eclair was caught off guard, sustaining a small amount of damage from the attack. She fought off the urge to flinch, waiting for her trainer to give her the next set of instructions.

At this point, the battle could swing either way... but it's looking as though the Litwick is getting very worn out --- causing it to be weaker. This could be your opening, what do you do?

Eclair surged forward, relying on the strength of her Steel body to deliver a hard blow to the Litwick. Watching it go flying was satisfying, and she couldn't help giggling a little again. Her laughter was cut short as she felt pain not only from her burn, but also the flames still surrounding her. Athena winced as her Pokemon did. She had suffered plenty of burns from working in the kitchen, but had never been directly attacked by fire like Eclair was. More fire poured from Litwick's mouth and assaulted Eclair. As inexperienced as this Pokemon was, it definitely knew its opponent was definitely not fireproof. The ghost type looked at the girl in Athena's arms, and Athena hugged her tighter in defense. Eclair gasped in shock as she was Astonished, losing her balance and falling to the ground.

It was time for this to end, Athena couldn't stand watching either Pokemon get hurt any longer. She moved the little girl to her hip so she had a free hand, and slung her backpack off one shoulder. After some digging, she pulled out a normal Pokeball, but hesitated. She dropped the ball back into the bag and continued rummaging, looking for the prize she had recently won in a Gatcha. Eclair kept up her defenses to give her trainer enough time to get ready. She noticed her trainer finally pulling out a pink ball with cream markings and a light blue button. Athena took a deep breath. This was the first time she had done this, besides catching her starter Mawile.

"Eclair, Captivate it for me!" She directed. Heal Ball in hand, she reeled back and let it fly in the direction of Litwick. Before it landed, she squeezed her eyes shut, too overwhelmed with anticipation.

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