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As Hyrem plunged into the aquarium water to join him, Gary watched as he sent out a quartet of water Pokemon. First was a Lanturn, which caused Gary to smile. As Delilah swam over to introduce herself to the younger Apollo, Gary caught a glimpse at what his Chinchou could become in the future. Apollo continued to swim shyly away from all of the commotion, but upon spotting a familiar luminescence from the Lanturn, lit up his antennae in greeting. Next up was a Gyarados, the large creature swimming off to explore different parts of the tank. Gary instinctively glanced towards the glass wall of the tank, peering out to see if Kratos the Golduck was nearby. He let out a relieved sigh as it appeared that Kratos was nowhere in sight; possibly he went outside for the day. Having had a bad history with a Gyarados in the past, things could have been bad if Kratos found one swimming around in his home.

The third Pokemon Hyrem sent out was Nami the Lapras, causing a huge smile to form on Gary’s face as she swam over to greet him. He knew that she was more interested in the food he had brought than himself, but he was happy enough to give her a pat on the head and pulled a handful of food out of the bucket for her to feed on. “She’s so sweet,” Gary cooed as he continued to pet her. Gary then looked over to see the fourth and final Pokemon that Hyrem sent out. He nearly spat out his rebreather a second time as he laid his eyes on the magnificent form of the Milotic who appeared. “Wha-wha-wha… You have a Milotic too?!” he exclaimed, unable to contain his excitement. Much like Lapras, Milotic was another extremely rare species of Pokemon that he had been dying to witness at least once in his lifetime.

Gary needed to be snapped out of his trance by Aero, as the Mantin gently flapped his wing-like fins and blew a current of water in his trainer’s direction. “Oh, right! Sorry guys, here’s your food. There’s plenty here for your Pokemon too, Hyrem.” Gary opened up the bucket and started pulling food out by the handful and sprinkling it around the aquarium. Aero happily soared around the tank in circles, feeding on whatever fell into his mouth along the way. Sensei the Alomomola quickly got his fill of food before using his hand-shaped fins to nudge food in others’ direction to make sure everyone got their proper nutritional intakes. Tamatoa the Krabby greedily caught as much food as he could in his pincers and stuffed it into his mouth, taking the rest of what he could hold into a small cave that he had now claimed as his own. Devine the Kingdra secured some food for Leviathan the Skrelp to eat, and then sucked what she could up her proboscis-like snout. Apollo quietly snacked on some food while sticking close to Delilah. Last but not least, Gary reached down and fed some food to Pickle the Pyukumuku by hand, knowing she didn’t have the luxury of mobility to grab food as she pleased.


As the sun had finally set, Jayson supplied the two of them with torches. The noises from the cave had ceased, so it was about time to go investigate and check on their progress. The two trainers left the campsite, making their way towards the cave as Rena remained behind. The two orbs on her antlers illuminated faintly, so they would be able to easily return to her in the darkness. As they approached the cave, Jayson and Gary found Jormungand guarding the entrance. He quietly moved aside for the two of them to pass. Heading into the cave, the darkness was only case aside by the two torches as well as a faint glow from further in.

Walking closer to the source of Ramoth’s light, they finally came across the golden Charizard who lay before them. Her long flame-tipped tail was wrapped around a pair of eggs and one of her wings covered them like a blanket. There was a tired yet proud look in her eyes as she allowed the two trainers to approach her eggs, pulling back her wing slightly. Gary gave his Charizard a gentle rub on the nose, greeting her with a, “Good job, Ramoth.” Ramoth seemed much more calm and at peace than her first introduction before. Every now and then the two eggs began to shake ever so slightly, and some cracks could be seen forming at the top of one of the shells. “It looks like it’s almost time for one of them,” Gary mused.
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