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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Missingno. Master: This was not your first rodeo, you assured Jack, who most certainly can believe that. He wondered how often you get into life-threatening situations and what they were like, and if maybe you were somebody to avoid if he wanted to live into a long, calm and healthy future. But anyway.

Pisces grinned like a serial killer, Aster shimmered and hugged you, the other two were happy in less challenging ways. Meowth wasn't surprised. The updater was, for about five seconds, before remembering who she was updating, and then promptly realised she loathed you with every fiber of her being. You had a Lure Ball in your hand, and she hated you from above, somewhere. "Are you sure?" Jack asked, pointing out that you hadn't had the best encounter with these fish. You didn't care because you were you. Ugh.

Most of the fish had fallen underwater, but from the sucky little boat, there were still some Wishiwashi at a decent distance-- and one of your happy damned Pokemon could probably fetch the ball if you failed anyway. Grand. So you threw your Lure Ball at one of the nearest Wishiwashi, and it swallowed the creature up. Given that it was fainted, it was an easy snag, and Aquarius once again played fetch for you. You caught a male level 20 Wishiwashi, yay! Go you! By the way, it's officially the dumbest, derpiest, ugliest Wishiwashi in the entire lake. In the entirety of Cordina Ocean. If you tried to enter a smart contest you'd be laughed out the door.

For reasons you couldn't put a finger on, although you were ecstatic with your catch, you had a feeling the world was salty with your choice, almost as if you screwed up the plans it had for you. It was probably just Meowth. Jack congratulated you with a laugh, and asked you about other life-threatening adventures as he rowed you all back to shore. You returned to the shack, obviously looking like death itself. A bell above the door dings, signalling your return.

"Hello, dear!" Maie greeted brightly, showing up at the desk soon. Her expression faltered. "... Is everything alright? You look a mess..."

Well. What do you have to say for yourself?
As Keith declared his intention to catch a Wishiwashi, Jack asked if he was sure, citing the less-than-pleasant first encounter Keith had with the Wishiwashi species. "Be that as it may, it wasn't their fault," Keith stated. "The jerks who dumped those lures, and that loud music, all of that's what got the Wishiwashi so riled up. That's no reason to write off the species as a whole. Besides, these things fascinate me. I'd love the chance to work with one... aha!" Keith grinned, spotting a couple of Wishiwashi still floating, unconscious, on top of the water. "Now! Go, Lure Ball!" Keith exclaimed, tossing the modified Blu Apricorn at the nearest Wishiwashi.

The ball struck Wishiwashi and pulled it inside. With a tinier splash than what you'd get from a baby Magikarp, the Lure Ball fell into the lake, bobbing on the surface as it wobbled around. Given that the Wishiwashi was totally unconscious, however, it came as no surprise that the Water-type put up just about no resistance whatsoever. Aquarius swam out, retrieving the Lure Ball, and handing it over to Keith. "Tentacruuuuel," she stated as she did so.

"Thanks, Aquarius," Keith smiled, accepting the Lure Ball from her. He grinned at the sphere, then held it up. "All right!" he grinned. "I just caught... a Wishiwashi!"

"Meowth, dat's right," Meowth replied, rolling his eyes. "Ya really had ta catch dat ting?"

Keith shrugged. "I don't see why not," he replied. "I mean, the only time I've ever heard of a Pokémon that does the kind of thing Wishiwashi does is when I read up on that legendary Pokémon, Zygarde. You know, how the cores summon all of those cells to make various different forms? In fact," he added, his eyes lighting up as the conversation seemed to inspire him. "That gives me an idea. This little guy needs a nickname, after all... I think I'll call him Zygill."

"Oy," sighed Meowth, albeit with a small smile. Exasperating though he oftentimes found Keith, it was hard to stay mad at such a rampantly optimistic man, particularly when said optimism tended to lead to him and his Pokémon kicking ass and saving the day. But even still, Meowth couldn't help but feel that he was not the only one exasperated by Keith's decision here. Almost as if the universe itself took issue with Zygill's new Trainer. Indeed, even Keith got the same sort of odd feeling, though he shrugged it off after a moment. Zygill was his now, and he was going to train him well.

Indeed, Keith couldn't possibly focus on this odd feeling for very long, not with Jack congratulating him on his newest catch, nor with him following that up by asking about his previous life-threatening adventures. "Ah, geez, where do I even begin?" grinned Keith. "Let's just say that ever since I first came to the Fizzytopia region, my life has been anything but boring." And he went on to tell Jack about some of the more dangerous and dire adventures he'd had. The poisonous ninja assassins in the Forest of Adventure, and how he unknowingly befriended the legendary Celebi and restored her faith in humanity. The time he had to intervene to prevent a Kabutops Skeleton Missingno. from slaughtering countless people, and prevent the military from slaughtering said Missingno. And perhaps most prominently, the entirety of his adventure in Mt. Aduro, culminating in an epic battle against a gigantic, murderous Heatran. All of these stories were before Aster's time, so the Mareanie listened intently, a look of awe on her face as she looked up at her Trainer with more respect and affection than ever before. Of course, these stories were ones that Pisces, Neville, and Aquarius had all heard before, but even so, they never seemed to tire of hearing them. Indeed, if they were tired of hearing them by this point, they hid said tiredness well.

At last, they reached the shore, and Keith withdrew his Tentacruel, Dragalge, and Blue-Striped Basculin. Much as he enjoyed their company, they A: needed a rest, and B: weren't quite as adept at moving about on land. Aster and Meowth occupied Keith's shoulders once more, and he clutched Zygill's Lure Ball in his hand as they reentered the shack.

Keithg ave a small chuckle as Maie's greeting turned to concern- the recent craziness, after all, left Keith looking kind of a mess, to put it mildly. "Yeah, everything's fine now," he replied. "Hooked an entire school of Wishiwashi all at once- evidently, between the loud music some idiots were blasting, and all the fishing lures that were dumped into the lake, they were going a little crazy, and they started attacking us. Luckily, besides Meowth, all the Pokémon I have on me at the moment can swim. So we battled Wishiwashi, and in the meantime, I had my Tentacruel help clean up the bottom of the lake, get those lures outta there. I don't know if she got all of them, but it's gotta be close to it, and as we were clearing them out, the Wishiwashi started to get less agitated, which can only be good. In the end, my Basculin blasted the Wishiwashi with Hydro Cannon, broke up the School Form, and knocked out each and every Wishiwashi. I even caught one of them," Keith added, indicating the Lure Ball he still held.

Keith used Lure Ball!






All right! Wishiwashi was caught!
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