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Looking to take some time off from his hectic schedule and spend it with his Pokemon, Isaac stood at the entrance of the Cloud Forest accompanied by his Eevee, Vinny. The two of them were on a specific mission today; to find a special area of the forest that had been rumored to have a unique effect on Eevees and evolve them into a rare form. Vinny had considered this to be her ideal form as she felt one with nature; and as if on cue, twitched her nose uncomfortably as her trainer lit up a cigarette.

Somewhat repulsed by the smell, Vinny frowned until Isaac began to pepper her with compliments and adorned her with a flower behind her ear. Vinny eased off and the two were on their way after Isaac stomped out his cigarette. The deeper they got into the forest, the taller the trees appeared to become. It was a peaceful atmosphere as birds chirped ahead along with the buzzing of insects and the blowing of leaves in the trees above.

The two of them weren’t entirely sure of which way they needed to go, but fortunately for them they eventually came upon a fork in the road with a signpost. Some of the listed directions included other areas of the Cloud Garden, like the Stone Shrine and Galea Plains, while other directions pointed to places within the forest itself, like the trial captain’s cabin to the west. However, last but not least, there was an arrow that looked as if it had been added on after the sign had already been put in place, and it read “Mossy Rock”. This had to be what Isaac and Vinny were looking for, so they happily set off in that direction.

It was a bit of a hike through the forest as the terrain began to gradually slope upward a slight degree. The path wasn’t as clearly defined as the main trail that they were previously on, with several branches and shrubs obstructing their way every now and then. Eventually they arrived at a small clearing that was encircled by a dense wall of trees. The sky above was nearly blocked out by branches with the exception of a lone beam of sunlight that illuminated a large boulder in the middle of the clearing. Much like its namesake, the rock took a green hue as it was coated in a layer of moss. A few vines of ivy grew up and around the rock like veins.

As they entered the clearing and examined the scenery, a pungent odor began to fill the air. Vinny looked up at Isaac with a frown, almost expecting to see him lighting up with something other than a cigarette, but was confused to find that her accusations were false. A faint hissing came from behind the rock as a purple and white furry figure poked its head out in warning. After stepping out from its hiding place, its bushy tail, the source of the foul smell, raised up high above its body.
The path to the Mossy Rock was long and winding, Isaac kept his eye on the path most of the time. Vinny could see him constantly fidgeting with his hands, moving them from his hoodie pockets to his pants pockets. It was obvious that he was craving a cigarette but was avoiding having one so not to bother the small Eevee, she appreciated him for that. The path was a little less travelled than the others in the Cloud Garden, causing it to have a bit of a slope that the two had to force their way through. Masses of overgrown vine and moss were often in their way as well, it was annoying --- to say the least. But this was the path Vinny had chosen, and who was Isaac to judge. He glanced at the Eevee, she had a skip in her step and her eyes were focused on the path ahead. Isaac could tell she was extremely excited to finally evolve, he himself was a little more concerned. He hoped her personality wouldn't change too much, like Morgana's had. There was something about evolution that seemed to shift the very nature of the Pokemon, and he prayed it wouldn't happen to Vinny. She was the most important thing in his life, she always had been.

Once they arrived in the clearing, Isaac saw the stone. It was rather large, illuminated by a single beam of light that peaked out from the tops of the extremely tall trees above their heads. It's green hue and coating of moss made Isaac realise this was certainly the object of their desires, he glanced at Vinny, who was already eyeing up the stone. He could see her tail vibrating excitedly, she was obviously ready. As they approached the stone, Vinny turned up her nose in disgust. A horrible smell began to permeate from near her and her trainer, she turned to Isaac, expecting him to have one of his "special cigarettes" handing out of his mouth.

"What?" He asked, looking down at her before catching a whiff of whatever it was for himself. "Aw yuck, that's disthgusting." Momentarily thrown off focus, Isaac let his lisp slip out. Vinny chuckled to herself before raising her paw to her nose, Isaac did the same --- raising his sleeve to cover his nose. "Did you actually think that was me? I'm hurt, Vin." He chuckled before looking around, where on earth was that coming from? He didn't have to wonder for long, as a small purple skunk poked it's head out from shrubbery. Vinny looked at it in disdain, why was a poison type wandering so close to the moss rock. She flicked her ears irritably, causing Isaac to glance down at her.

"Hey Vin... you know you need to fight near this thing to evolve, right?" He pointed to the Moss Rock, causing Vinny's ears to perk up. That was all she needed to hear before springing into action. She sprang into the air before plunging into the ground and digging a hole, burrowing her way towards the Pokemon with the intent of attacking.

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