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Round 1 and Round 2 have ended. On to the Semifinals!

First off, here is the bracket.

Spoiler: show

Posting Matches
Matches MUST be posted using the following form. The form must be filled out completely and properly. If the form is not filled out properly, the match will not have happened in the eyes of the tournament. The "Tier Played" and "W/L" sections MUST be filled out, or the match will NOT be counted.

Your UPN Username:
Your Character:
Opponent's UPN Username:
Opponent's Character
Game 1: (W/L ; Score)
Game 2: (W/L ; Score)
Game 3: (W/L ; Score)
Additional Comments:
The Semifinals will last 1 week. The round will end at 12:01 AM (GMT -4 / Eastern Standard Time) on Tuesday, September 19th. There will be no extensions, and no exceptions for any reason. Get the matches done.

Good luck to all participants.
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