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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post

Medmana- You're walking down the streets of revelrous city you find your senses bombarded by a range of stimuli. Jazz music flows from various venues, enticing smells waft on the air from various restaurants and neon lights highlight various establishments. All together they create an exciting atmosphere, anything could happen in this city. However you couldn't help but feel like all this did was serve as a veil for all the shady activities that were likely going on, would it be possible to trust anyone around here? You pass by a nearby food stand, the kind old woman running it beckons you over. Walking over to inspect the stand, the woman seems to be selling Donuts, the smell of which has Louise salivating.

"Hello there young lady, could I interest you in a donut?" The old woman puts on a big grin as she displays her sugar coated treats."$200 each, your Pokemon will love you all the more for it!" You pull out your wallet as you ponder whether to purchase some treats for your Pokemon, only for a small, scruffy looking dog to jump up and rip it out of your hands. The Herdier quickly races off threw the crowd with your wallet, you lose sight of it as it turns down an alley."Oh dear, not again", cries the old woman,"that has been happening a lot lately, not always that Herdier but Pokemon have been stealing more and more lately. It used to be the people you had to worry about but now the Pokemon are a bigger issue. Sorry about your wallet, feel free to come back if you track it down."

Your wallet had been stolen by a wayward Pokemon, if you were going to have any chance of getting it back you were going to need to track down that Herdier!
Wandering about kinda randomly didn't do them much good in finding anything helpful quite yet. Well, it wasn't exactly surprising at all- Louise and Chroma did just get here. The former did let her trainer's let down a bit by having a particular strong scent steal her attention away. The mawile soon found herself straying away from the human's side as she followed her nose to the source.

"Hey, where are you going?" Chroma called out upon noticing her bodyguard's escape. She sighed when she didn't get a response and followed the pixie, feeling a bit ill at ease- this could very well be a trap of some sort!

...Or it could just be a streetside donut stand. Those weren't exactly immediately threatening things, so visitor let herself relax a bit as she approached the vendor. "Geez, Louise, I thought you didn't like sweet food!"

The Deceiver Pokemon jumped slightly in surprise and blushed when she realized that a most unladylike amount of saliva was escaping her horns. She shook herself out of her hunger-induced trance and immediately returned to her usual self. 'I don't! I just want a plain one- is that too much to ask?'

Between her mawile's apparent infatuation with the fried pastries' aroma, the old vendor's claims, and her own need for a snack, Chroma had found herself in a situation where she really couldn't say no. Sure, $200 just for a single donut might seem pretty overpriced to the uninitiated, but it was clear that lady had spent a good part perfecting the craft of donut making to the point of being worth it- more than worth it if they tasted even better than they smelled! She sighed as she dug her wallet out of her pocket. "Alright, we'll take six. Can I get one plain and another with extra frosti-uwaah?!"

All of the sudden, a large and furry form burst from the shadows, bowled Chroma over, and nabbed her wallet, running off into the distance. Louise quickly took off after the thieving canine, shouting angry obscenities at it in response to being denied her food. The younger lady picked herself up and sighed in annoyance, listening to the old lady's thoughts on the matter. "That's certainly weird," she agreed. "I'll try to do just that, madame!" And with that, she too was off.

Chroma knew better than to let Louise attempt to apprehend the vagrant on her own- she was decidedly better at bruising things than catching them, after all, and it seemed unlikely that her Sweet Scent would even phase a pokemon native to this sensory overload of a city. She quickly fished out another pokeball and quickly released its contents, unleashing her inkay into the world once more. "Elen, Camouflage yourself and try to intercept the pokemon that has my wallet! Don't be afraid to use a little Hypnosis on them if you need to!" The Revolving Pokemon squeaked his acknowledgement and turned into a different alleyway from the one Louise had in hopes of following his orders to a 'T'.

Finding herself now alone as she continued the chase at her own pace she allowed herself to contemplate the situation at hand on a larger scale. While it's true that there were some pokemon with a predisposition towards thievery, herdier was not one of them- in fact, such an act seemed to be a far cry from the path most wind up following! If this annoying dog (and multiple other pokemon, according to the donut woman) was acting so far out of character, then there was a very high chance that there was a human master pulling their strings from behind the scenes. And to be honest with herself, the young woman had absolutely no desire to deal with such a person- the farther away from them she could reclaim her wallet, the better!

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