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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
OkikuMew: (2/6: Eevee & Eevee)

Hoping for a nice compromise between familiar and new, between relaxing and exciting, you find that the simply named Fishing Cove certainly lives up to some of those hopes. As the salty sea air washes over you, a look around shows that today at least the Cove has lent itself more to a relaxing calm than a flurry of excitement. Though a few clusters of people dot the cove - most congregated either at the shoreline or the wooden shack with more than a few dressed in full fishing regalia - it seems that if any contests are running today, they aren't terribly well attended. Hm, perhaps something to check out later? Without much competition, the odds of winning something would surely be favorable.

Regardless, not knowing quite where to go you make your way to an open area of shore, intent on casting out a line and seeing what the ocean sends your way. As the minutes tick by, your attention begins to waver, flicking between your fishing rod and the antics of Lune quite literally chasing the waves. Luckily for her (and also for you), the little Eevee is just quick enough to avoid being soaked by any unexpected waves, but between the sandy beach and the salty ocean mist slowly sinking into her fur, grooming will definitely be an event none of you look forward to.

Entertained by the more excitable of your Eevee sisters, it takes a moment before you notice a nudge at your side. Soleil gestures at your fishing rod, and only upon bringing attention to it, do you now notice a very slight tug. Excited to have already snagged something, you begin reeling your catch in. Surprisingly, you feel little struggle as you wind the reel, almost as if the Pokémon hooked wasn't putting up any fight. Or worse, that it already got away.

All three of you waiting with bated breath - even Lune, spurred by the sudden action from her trainer - suddenly you see something crest the water a bit offshore. At the distance, you don't really recognize the species, but the bright pink certainly stands out from the clear blue of the surrounding water. By the time it is close enough to touch the sand, you feel the line go slack as it bulrushes...

...right past you. Whirling about in surprise, you see a wild Corsola cowering behind Lune to the Eevee's own shock. Visibly terrified, you almost fail to recognize it as a Corsola, as unlike most members of its species instead of four proud coral struts lining its back you only see one with small chipped stumps where the other three should be but aren't.

A noise from Soleil turns your sight back to the water, where spiny, pale blue appendages claw up the beach, bringing the lavender body of a Mareanie closer to its meal. The Brutal Star Pokémon spots the Corsola trembling behind your Eevee and licks its lips in anticipation, drawing your gaze to a pink strand of coral hanging limply from its maw.

Suddenly caught in the middle of the age-old struggle between predator and prey, what will you do?
Mélina was quite shocked at the sudden turn of events, much so that her jaw dropped a little. Her simple fishing moment turned almost in a simple "circle of life" presentation, as the Mareanie pursuit the Corsola to eat it who took the bait. (Although she's starting to wonder if the Coral Pokémon was actually more smart than hungry, for holding on to the line to swim flee from its predator faster.)

Before the woman could utter a word or take any action though, Lune seemed to immediately take responsibility for the poor pink Pokémon who hid behind her. She took an offensive stance, fur standing on its ends, she abruptly brushed her front paws into the ground and Attacked the Mareanie with a good helping of Sand.

"W-what are you doing Lune?" her trainer spouted out in surprise of her Eevee's reaction. "It's nice and all to protect it, but we don't know what we're going against!"

Lune responded with what sounded like, to Mélina's ears, resolved growls determined to protect the water Pokémon at all costs. The interpretation was confirmed by looking over to Soleil, who was still standing beside the woman, and shaking her head in embarrassment.

"Seems we don't have a choice now," the girl sighed. "Well, let's take it as practice... even though it's our first battle ever," she gulped nervously as the realization dawned to her. "S-Soleil and Lune, let's go for it!"

The two Eevee sisters barked in sync, ready to team up into the fight against the Brutal Star Pokémon.

"Ok! Soleil, give a Helping Hand to your sis! Lune, try for a surprise Quick Attack right after, while you're still close to it!"

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