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The situation was as dire as Alex had expected. The first blood of sorts went to Totsuka, who connected with a hefty double kick on the Pawniard, but then everything went to hell swiftly as the Ledian initiated a shadow panic, the technique foiling the Honchkrow's psych up, though the Incinerate and Punishment landed through confusion. The avian was still a little perplexed, but it was Totsuka who really suffered, with the abject failure of Shadow Storm reminding Alex just how rusty he was with shadow pokemon. The boosted Drain Punch didn't fell her, but the Zangoose wasn't at all angry. Contrary, as she rose she stared at the Ledian and promptly cackled, as though the attack entertained her. Opting to leave her to do as she wished, Alex looked over the situation. The Pawniard and Stewie had some serious buffs, and with the steel type currently packing an immunity to electricity and paralysis, this was problematic.

What was worse was the presence of the rocks on the battlefield. "Not good. Fragarath, focus!" Alex called, the sunlight penetrating the battlefield through the darkened skies, as he realised that the group was severely disadvantaged. The opponents had the advantage, and that advantage had to be removed.

"Frag, keep your wits about you, and blow away these rocks with a defog blast, before smoking everything out with haze! Keep trying until both have been dispatched!" Hoping the crow heard, he could only turn to the others as the shadow Zangoose began to approach Stewie once more, heeding the call on super effective moves well enough. If the bug wanted to feel the heat, she was glad to offer, with a fire punch grab to try and burn them, followed by exacting her revenge for the previous punch on the Pawniard. If she was somehow still standing, she'd put everything into a last resort slam into the dark insect. As she rushed forward, the ferret barked back "Alright, how about this then?"

On Alex's side, he turned to Keith, pointing out the rocks and the two boosted opponents. "Keith, we need those rocks blown away ASAP, and your megalomaniacal ladybird can't get two targets at once, can he? The sooner these stones are out the way and a haze envelopes these two the sooner this becomes a fair fight!"
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