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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(*A maggot crawls out of the dead Rattata’s mouth.* Maudlin, your lunch is escaping.)

~Please reply in Slategray~

The Park

The Ghost Train
You felt somewhat defeated after hearing all you had, but remained determined that there must be at least some way to get out of here. If not for you, then perhaps for your partners. Perhaps if you explained everything to Virgil the two of you could find some way. Even if he did protest the very idea before it had even been suggested.

You pick yourself up and head inside the glass train station. The glass itself was rather opaque, obscuring the view of much what was inside, but once through the crystal revolving door, you emerged into a vast complex of nineteenth-century gothic architecture. Polished stone plates were lined neatly in the floor, reaching far to the other side while supporting decorated, obsidian pillars which in turn supported the scaffolding upon which the glass dome rested. Various stalls and vendor resided within alcoves, separated by stony columns. A multitude of benches were installed throughout the station, each occupied by a glum spirit. The area was packed with them, the floor obscured by their stacked bodies as most were forced to stand or lie on the ground due to lack of space. Despite the enormity of the crowd that inhabited the place, there was not a single voice to be heard as each spirit was too defeated to so much as utter a single word to one another. It was a silence of the dead masses.

The same wisps you saw outside drifted amongst the crowd, ignored by all. One such wisp surprised you as it jumped into the sight from behind you. You recalled Virgil having said they were the spirits of shy beings, in all likelihood Pokémon. The wisp started dancing around you in an erratic fashion but was unable to make any discernible sound or portray a single feeling. Strangely, you wondered if this was the same will-o-wisp that bothered you and Virgil outside. The wisp wouldn’t leave, even if you tried to shoo it away, and merely continued its prancing, stopping every now and again in front of you before repeating itself.

The office was easily located. To your side you found a small kiosk of sorts nestled into the architecture as if a part of it. The last of the undead conductors were entering it, but it was the lone skeleton standing just a way off from it that attracted your attention. Crammed into a dark corner behind a column, away from the crowd of spirits, a single skeleton stared at you and beckoned for you to come over. His lidless eyes continued their stare in anxious anticipation and you felt for a moment a familiarity, as if you had met him before.

The will-o-wisp, the crowd of spirits, the conductor’s office and now a lone skeleton. As if you didn’t have enough to handle with your ordeal there appeared to be a lot more going on for you to uncover. Most of all, the skeleton, which appeared to want to remain out of clear view, was clearly eager to talk to you.

What do you do?

The approach to the doors of the station was one of deep reflection, as the opaque glass blocked the view of what was within, but showing him his own ghastly reflection. He winced, the sight of him a ghastly pale white with a few streaks of crimson down the front only reinforcing the image of undeath, but he pushed these thoughts aside and shoved through into the station itself. The interior of the building was certainly a feat of architecture befitting a station of the dead, gothic pillars and stone tiles, the pillars supporting the massive glass dome of the building.

However, the ambient atmosphere and contents put a chill down Alex's spine. As far as the eye could see, lost spirits stood and lay, not a single sound from any of them, the silence deafening in the desolation, and the very air felt thick with resignation. His footsteps on the ground made the silence crackle briefly with a hollow thump before being swallowed by the oblivion of the mute. There weren't just human spirits either, as wisps drifted around lazily in the sky.

One such wisp drifted before the trainer, forcing him to stop briefly in surprise as it pranced and floated around him. Try as he would, the ethereal being wouldn't remove itself from his personal space. They were pokemon in their past life, but why would this have such interest in me? Perhaps it's due to my circumstances being here...though is this the one from before when I first got here? The slow wandering eventually brought the ex-human to find the office where Virgil would be waiting for him, an ornate stone structure with a kiosk nestled into it. As the conductors filed into the office, something caught his eye.

That a skeleton over there? Surely enough, on a second glance there was indeed a being of bone hidden behind a column in the darkness, beckoning him over, eyes portraying some sense of urgency and interest in him, and why not? He was the first arrival as such in who knows how long, and still surprisingly fresh as far as decay went, yet Alex felt as though he had seen them before. With the wisp dancing around, the ocean of despairing souls, the office where Virgil waited for him, and this stranger in the shadows. It was a lot to take in, and given that he had more of a call on the banshee as it were who attacked him and that Austin kid on the way in, he paused to think.

No clue who that is, but I'm sure Virgil can afford to wait a little longer. He dd say he'd wait for me there until I've came to terms with my fate here, yet something's eating me here, and it won't be maggots for some time. Still in the slow movement as the wisp continued, he looked the bone man in the eyes, gave a small nod of acknowledgement and discreetly approached them, figuring that he was already in hell as it were, and nothing bad could surely happen. Besides, the skeleton seemed too familiar, yet he couldn't put his mind onto it. As he reached the stranger, he felt it wise to keep a low voice.

" need me for something? I don't know if we've met before?"
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