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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
War of the Roses

Team Bellossom

Melissa – As you searched the vases you really wished you had some light on you of some kind, but it couldn’t be helped since you were only allowed to bring one Pokemon into this challenge. After searching for a bit, a teenager managed to somehow break one of the very large and heavy vases. You can’t imagine how she possibly could have broken it, since these vases are so heavy that even just lifting one by yourself feels impossible. She must have been completely leaning all of her body weight into it or something. As you walked over to help, Vine returned to assess the situation and seemed pretty annoyed after he realized that it was that girl who caused all of the ruckus and shot the girl a grumpy look to show just how annoyed he was.

After seeing that the teen was clearly distressed over not being able to fix the vase on her own, you walk over in order to offer a hand. “Oh! Thank you so much!” You grab one of the vases halves and lift it up back into a standing position and she does the same which brings them together. While you are both leaning into your halves, Vine decided to take a look at the flowers that were once in the vase and are now gathered beside the teen and immediately noticed a pink envelope that is resting inside of a Ziploc bag. Knowing that is what you two need, he decides to help by grabbing it and bringing it out of the way in order to hand to you later. The girl eventually pulls away from the vase and it appears to be all in one piece again. “Wow, I couldn’t have fixed it without your help, I’m very grateful!” The teen goes to turn around but for some reason she loses her footing for a moment and takes a few steps backwards in order to regain her balance, tripping over Vine in the process. Vine finds himself knocked over once again while still holding onto the envelope. The girl manages to catch herself before going down and turns around toward Vine. “I’m so sorry little guy! I didn’t mean to trip over you! I hope you’re alright!” After a few more apologies she thanks you once more before wandering away to sight see some more. After Vine hands you the letter, you take it out of the Ziploc bag and open it up. Inside is a golden voucher as well as a note included with it. “Great job making it this far! Please come back to the center of the main garden and bring the voucher with you!” After reading that, you and Vine leave Queen Bellossom’s domain and head for the center of the main garden.
"Oh! Thank you so much!"

Melissa flashed the other girl a grin and lifted half of the broken vase to lean against the other half, while Vine grabbed the Ziploc bag with the next clue. Eventually, they both cautiously pulled away from the vase, watching to make sure it was sealed back together.

"Wow, I couldn't have fixed it without your help, I'm very grateful!"

"No problem," Melissa replied as the girl turned and lost her footing. Melissa immediately reached out, but the girl managed to catch herself, turning towards Vine.

"I'm so sorry little guy! I didn't mean to trip over you! I hope you're alright!"

Vine reluctantly accepts her apology and, after a few additional apologies, she thanks Melissa once more and wanders away. Melissa glanced questioningly at Vine once the other girl was gone. Vine glanced away and huffed, waving the Ziploc in Melissa's general direction.

"Let's see what the next clue is."

Melissa plucked the Ziploc from Vine's hand, opening it to reveal a golden voucher along with a note.
Great job making it this far! Please come back to the center of the main garden and bring the voucher with you!
"Back to the center of the garden then, I guess," she said, exchanging a look with Vine and leading the way back.

Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Once everyone found their envelopes that included a voucher, they were instructed to bring that voucher back to the center of the entire Rose Garden itself. All of the teams seem to slowly exit their queen’s domains around the same time, it seems that everyone made progress at a similar pace so it’s hard to tell how a winner is going to be determined. As the trainers exit their quadrants, their team’s representative gardener is directly outside patiently waiting to greet them as they make their way out, that is, all except for Persimmon who is standing on the stage in the center with a microphone in his hand. “Uh… If everyone could please hand your vouchers over to your team’s gardeners that would be great.” After giving those instructions, he puts the microphone down on a stand and pulls a crumpled note out of his lab coat and begins mumbling whatever is written on it to himself. As the members begin to approach their gardeners, everyone observes that there are now several different fair games on display out here that were definitely not there before.

Team Bellossom hands their vouchers over to Peony who is smiling wide and gives each member of the team a curtsy since she loves any excuse to show off her latest dress. Team Roserade approaches Poppy and he takes the vouchers while giving each member a hearty pat on the back for a job well done. Team Lilligant turns their vouchers into Petunia who whispers to each member about how well they did in there. Meanwhile, Team Tsareena have to make their way onto the stage in order to hand their vouchers in because Persimmon got so absorbed into reading his latest notes about the hyperspectral inversion of potassium content in vegetation that he forgot to step down in order to collect them from his own team. Even when he takes them, he barely manages to pull his attention away and then shoves the vouchers inside of one of his pockets as his team makes their way back off of the stage.

After a long pause of awkward silence, Poppy finally clears his throat loudly in order to finally grab the scientist’s attention. “Oh uh…” Persimmon quickly grabs the microphone once again, causing it to briefly reverb before going back to normal. “This is the final round of the second part of the event. As you can all see, while we made sure that you were all distracted elsewhere by slowing you down with obstacles, we set up several games out here.” The other three gardeners shift around somewhat awkwardly as Persimmon proceeds to openly tell the participants that all of those obstacles were intentionally set up to buy them time. “So yeah uh, each of these games will award tickets and each of you gets to choose only three of these games to play. You want to get a lot of tickets because each ticket you earn will be added to your scores at the end… Oh, and your Pokemon are only allowed to use one attack per game.” He pauses for a moment to adjust his glasses, making them more lopsided than they already were and then turns toward the members of Team Lilligant, mistaking them for his own team. “Go Tsareena…!” After another awkward silence, he speaks into the microphone once again. “You may all begin!”

Available Games

Shooting Gallery – A game where your Pokemon needs to shoot down as many of the moving Psyduck as they can within the time limit! Keep an eye out for those rare Ducklett’s because they are worth double points! (Don’t worry, they aren’t real Pokemon)

Grip Test – This is a game for Pokemon with a strong grip! All they need to do is squeeze the metal bar as tight as they can!

Milk Bottles – Knock over as many milk bottles as you can! Just remember that it takes a very strong impact to get them to fall over!

1. Pick three games to play with your Pokemon.
2. Choose only one move to use per game. The move can be different for each game you choose.
3. The scores you receive for your games depends on the move you select, so choose wisely!
4. Please post your reply by September 10th.
Melissa handed her voucher to Peony, as requested, and then listened as one of the other gardeners explained the next part of this round. She couldn't help laughing under her breath when he transparently told the participants that the scavenger hunt was mainly a distraction so the gardeners had time to set up the actual games, but she eagerly eyed the games once he told them the rules. So, three games with Vine alone and only a single move per game; which ones could they win the easiest?

Melissa hummed as the speaker let them go. "You don't have a lot of moves, but that's okay." Vine glanced at her with a raised brow, though she didn't notice it, already busy trying to determine which three games they would play. "Magical Leaf should work pretty well for the Shooting Gallery, I'd think. Maybe the Dunk Tank?" Vine shook his head, pointing at the directions. "Oh. You have to soak them before they fall? Nevermind then."

Melissa hummed again, thoughtfully this time, as they looked from game to game. She considered Blow the Sailboat for a moment, since Vine did have Twister, but she shook her head. Probably not the best idea, to be honest.

"Okay, how about Wrap for the Grip Test and then Iron Tail for the Milk Bottles?"

Vine considered it for a moment, before shrugging and leading the way to the Shooting Gallery. Sounded good enough to him.
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