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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

The distressed cries of a Pokemon deep within the cove start have you, Lauren, and Lorin concerned. The Red Beach was well populated by tourists, that was well known, so if they messed with the wild life the already unhappy native protesters would go into a frenzy. That was most certainly something that wasn't good for both the public image of the island and the island itself. Tourism was still a prime part of the island's economic growth, and if that was taken away, then soon Minnao would fade away.

Anyways, you start to hear the creature make noise again, yet however it wasn't a distressed cry. It was a song, a beautiful siren song. Yet, the Pokemon's pain can still be heard in its voice, it's beautiful melody changing pitch every so often. Looking at Lauren, the two of you nod at each other and decide to go into the cove. The rustling of your feet make the song stop, and small splashing can be heard. The Pokemon must've been startled.

Making your way into the entrance, the sight in front of your eyes bewilders you. Standing tall in its grace, the Pokemon looks at you with hurt eyes. This was not a small fish Pokemon, not at all. Its neck was long, its shell beautiful like coral, its ears spiraled and horn shining. There was no mistaking it, it was a Lapras. A small light managed to illuminate the cavern for a short period, and the Lapras glistened in the light. It almost looked as if star surrounded the noble and rare creature. Yet, when the light shown on its skin, it was not a familiar blue hue. No, it was a deep, rich violet. Yet there was a patch of violet marred by red, and a bit of what looked like a harpoon seemed to be stuck in the poor creature's fore right flipper.

"T-That's a Lapras! Not just any Lapras, but a Shiny Lapras! The poor thing is hurt we have to help it!" Lauren exclaimed, her voice filled with enthusiasm and excitement. Lapras were rare outside of Alola, and Shiny Pokemon were even rarer. A mix of those two, now that was a ionce in a lifetime opportunity. However, the Lapras shirked at her voice, seeming scared of the strange new humans.

What do you do?
Alice russhed along with Laura, Lotad in hand, their footsteps echoing as they went deeper and deeper into the cave. The siren song lured Alice close, curious and mystified, the tunnel opening up into a wide expanse. The ceilings were high, the sound of water dripping echoing around just as their footsteps did. On a body of water was the answer to their mystery, and also the most beautiful creature Alice had seen.

As Laura had said, it was a shiny Lapras, skin violet rather than blue, and it shimmered in the light. Alice was mesmerised, lost for words or proper thought. However, the mention of the harpoon forced the young woman to snap out of it and take a closer look. Sure enough, creeping towards the edge for better sight, Alice could see the blood and the offending weaponry.

"Oh, you poor baby..." She breathed. Lorin looked up, speaking his name, obviously upset, and the trainer set her Pokemon into the sea water. "Go over and get a better look, Lorin, and let the Lapras know we want to help! -- Ah, do you understand me?" She asked, peering over to the Lapras searchingly. Raising her voice to be sure it carried, the trainer spoke on, "I have an idea! I have a psychic Pokemon, he might be able to pull the harpoon out! Do water moves heal you? Then you could go under the water, or Laura's Poliwhirl could heal you! Otherwise it might get infected and make you sick!" Alice paused, setting her bag down, "I have sweets, if you want them...?" There were poffins and pokeblocks galore to be had, if the creature so desired. Anything to put it at ease.
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