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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Team Roserade

Rotom310: The Timburr tries to hide its tearful face as you kneel down to its level. It recognizes your kindness, but is still embarrassed that it is having such a hard time. It picks itself up and grabs on to its trusty log for comfort. The little Fighting-type begins to stack up the rest of the fence posts again, but allows you to take a few of them to help out. Together, you carry the pile back to the fence. Begrudgingly, your Rotom metaphorically lent a hand and levitated the nails over to you and Timburr. You steadied each fence-post as Timburr hammered them in with its log. After you had placed a few posts, you hear a gruff voice from behind you. A man in work overalls has approached you, holding a heavy looking mallet.

“Hey what do you think yer-!” The man stops himself as he sees a scared look on Timburr’s face. He approaches it gently and tries to understand the Pokemon as it explains through a series of sounds and gestures. It points to you and Rotom several times, and flexes its muscles proudly. “I see, so the whole crew called off today…And you were the only one who showed up…and this fella offered to help you out.” He laughs and slaps you on the back in a friendly manner.

“Well, thanks pal, this little guy here is definitely getting a promotion,” he hands over an envelope with your name on it. “I think this was for you, sorry you had to do some manual labor to get it!”

You open the envelope and retrieve a golden piece of paper with black text printed on it.

“Way to go! Bring this voucher to the main garden. See you soon! –Poppy”

Please read Patches' second post for the final round of the scavenger hunt.
Originally Posted by Patches View Post
War of the Roses

Once everyone found their envelopes that included a voucher, they were instructed to bring that voucher back to the center of the entire Rose Garden itself. All of the teams seem to slowly exit their queen’s domains around the same time, it seems that everyone made progress at a similar pace so it’s hard to tell how a winner is going to be determined. As the trainers exit their quadrants, their team’s representative gardener is directly outside patiently waiting to greet them as they make their way out, that is, all except for Persimmon who is standing on the stage in the center with a microphone in his hand. “Uh… If everyone could please hand your vouchers over to your team’s gardeners that would be great.” After giving those instructions, he puts the microphone down on a stand and pulls a crumpled note out of his lab coat and begins mumbling whatever is written on it to himself. As the members begin to approach their gardeners, everyone observes that there are now several different fair games on display out here that were definitely not there before.

Team Bellossom hands their vouchers over to Peony who is smiling wide and gives each member of the team a curtsy since she loves any excuse to show off her latest dress. Team Roserade approaches Poppy and he takes the vouchers while giving each member a hearty pat on the back for a job well done. Team Lilligant turns their vouchers into Petunia who whispers to each member about how well they did in there. Meanwhile, Team Tsareena have to make their way onto the stage in order to hand their vouchers in because Persimmon got so absorbed into reading his latest notes about the hyperspectral inversion of potassium content in vegetation that he forgot to step down in order to collect them from his own team. Even when he takes them, he barely manages to pull his attention away and then shoves the vouchers inside of one of his pockets as his team makes their way back off of the stage.

After a long pause of awkward silence, Poppy finally clears his throat loudly in order to finally grab the scientist’s attention. “Oh uh…” Persimmon quickly grabs the microphone once again, causing it to briefly reverb before going back to normal. “This is the final round of the second part of the event. As you can all see, while we made sure that you were all distracted elsewhere by slowing you down with obstacles, we set up several games out here.” The other three gardeners shift around somewhat awkwardly as Persimmon proceeds to openly tell the participants that all of those obstacles were intentionally set up to buy them time. “So yeah uh, each of these games will award tickets and each of you gets to choose only three of these games to play. You want to get a lot of tickets because each ticket you earn will be added to your scores at the end… Oh, and your Pokemon are only allowed to use one attack per game.” He pauses for a moment to adjust his glasses, making them more lopsided than they already were and then turns toward the members of Team Lilligant, mistaking them for his own team. “Go Tsareena…!” After another awkward silence, he speaks into the microphone once again. “You may all begin!”

Available Games

Haunted House – If your Pokemon enjoys scaring people then this is the game for you! How many people can they scare as they pass through?

Break the Glass – Does your Pokemon have an amazing voice? This is your chance to see if your Pokemon can reach the perfect pitch to shatter as many cups made out of glass as they can!

Charge-up Game – The lights won’t turn on! Does your Pokemon have the ability to provide the charge that they need?

1. Pick three games to play with your Pokemon.
2. Choose only one move to use per game. The move can be different for each game you choose.
3. The scores you receive for your games depends on the move you select, so choose wisely!
4. Please post your reply by September 10th.

"Yes, you have said that."

"Absolutely adorable."

"Multiple times."

"I wanna adopt that little Timburr."

"And now you're getting weird."

Seeing Rotom side-eye him as they walked/floated back into the main garden, Drew could acknowledge that yes this was maybe a little obsessive, but damn, that Timburr had been so sweet and... well, adorable. He couldn't help it, especially considering how annoying (and, he was beginning to suspect, pointless) the other parts of the scavenger hunt had been. Enough was probably enough, though, if only so Rotom didn't shock him.

Passing through into the central hub of the gardens, the differences immediately stood out to the duo. Though the stage still stood proud, scattered around the rest of the space were various stalls and carnival games, ranging from classic shooting galleries and obstacle courses to more odd-ball ones like a barbeque area and... a haunted house? Drew risked a glance to gauge Rotom's mood, only to find the poltergeist focused intently on the house with a mischievously gleeful grin that Drew honestly hadn't seen in a while.

...This would not end well.

After turning in the vouchers, it took a reminder from Poppy to get the scientist guy - too invested in whatever research in a way that reminded Drew a bit of his friend, Terrell - to take the stage. The reverb that ensued his frantic lunge for the mic was as unwelcome as expected, but Drew had to say he was a little surprised at how blatantly the scientist guy admitted to the 'stalling' that took place during the scavenger hunt. Which, in hindsight, meant Rotom wasn't to blame for the stereo thing, huh. Guess he owed the Plasma Pokémon an apology for that, especially since Rotom realized that as well, if the angry rippling of his form meant anything.

Actually, that made Drew a little mad too, now that he thought about it. Either that adorable Timburr was in on it the whole time, or they purposefully set that little guy up to fail if Drew hadn't been there. He couldn't quite decide which was worse.

Something to worry about later, though. For now, they had carnival games to win.

"Rotom," he started, only to be cut off by a somewhat manic Rotom.

"I am doing the haunted house."

"Rotom, I was just-"

"No, I am going to do the haunted house."

"Rotom! I was agreeing with you!"

"I literally don't care I am-" Rotom blinked as the words sunk in. "Wait what."

Drew rolled his eyes. "You are literally a poltergeist. It's perfect for you; just be yourself and you'll kill it." A beat. "Preferably not literally."

"Oh," the ghost said sheepishly. "Ok, then, what else? I'm thinking the charge thing."

"No yeah, it would be stupid not to do that. And for the third thing I'm thinking the glass? You can cause an uproar and break all the shit."

"Ooh, I like that plan. So, I Astonish the Haunted House with my haunting skills, Discharge the charge game thing, and Uproar on the Glass?" he asked to make sure.

"Sounds like a plan," Drew grinned. "Go break a leg." A beat. "Wait, please don't actually break anyone's leg."
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