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Maskerade- Realizing your mistake, you decide it best to prove yourself useful to the knight, after all, your research stood to benefit from this venture. As your Pokemon showed their support, you offer your 'expertise' and question as to where you would start the search.

"First we see if this Riolu can actually find the Decidueye's aura", Sir Bryant glared at the Riolu, "well Riolu? Have you found the aura?" The Riolu nods sheepishly before handing the arrow back to the knight who places it in a small bag attached to his hip."What are you waiting for then? Lead the way." The Riolu trembles a little before darting ahead, following the traces of the Decidueye's aura."Follow closely professor", adds Sir Bryant as he jogs off in pursuit of the Riolu, his Metagross levitating off the ground behind him.

Following the Riolu and the knight, you weave through the graveyard in hopes of tracking down the rogue Decidueye. The Riolu has to stop on occasion to find the aura once more, much to the displeasure of Sir Bryant who continues to berate the young fighting type with his harsh tone. Eventually the Riolu leads you into a dead end, mausoleums run down each side of the path while a larger, older mausoleum blocks of the end of it. Suddenly the hair on the back of your neck starts to stand on end, something wasn't right. The Riolu senses something is off as well and quickly retreats, rushing behind the Metagross. You wear the scrape of steel on steel as Sir Bryant draws his sword from its sheathe, pulling it across his body just in time to meet at arrow fired straight for his chest. "Get down!"

You and your Pokemon scatter to hide behind a nearby mausoleum, the Riolu rushes out from behind Metagross to hide with you. Sir Bryant stands at the ready, his Metagross lets out a groan as it is struck in the leg by one of the arrows. Thankfully it bounces off of its iron hide, but that didn't stop the hit from hurting."Show yourself fiend", Sir Bryant issues challenge to your ambusher, attempting to call it from the shadows. To your surprise the Decidueye actually answers the call, gliding down from atop the mausoleum at the end of the path. The owl had its hood pulled up over its head, its bow like wing raised and ready to fire. Looking closely you notice its eyes are glowing with a dark red energy, something about it didn't seem right. The owl lets out a shrill cry, perhaps in an attempt to intimidate? The real intent of the cry becomes clear as suddenly two more Pokemon appear. A bipedal crocodile Pokemon with tanned skin and dark markings rushed to the Decidueye's side, joined by a bone wielding Pokemon with a skull covering its head. The Decidueye had called for allies, both of which had eyes glowing with dark red energy, akin to the Decidueye.

"A Krokorok and a Marowak, it seems the Decidueye hasn't been working alone!" Despite this development, Sir Bryant doesn't seem to shirk away."Professor can your Pokemon fight? I am a little outnumbered and your assistance would be much appreciated. Leave the Decidueye to me, just keep its comrades occupied." It seems Sir Bryant was now in need of your assistance, but were you capable of handling these Pokemon?

Raves- As you 'introduce yourself' and agree to assist Jake for now, you seem to peak the investigators interest."Your own agenda huh?" Jake seems curious as to what you could have going on,"feel free to share anything with me, I know a lot about this city, I might just be able to steer you onto the right track." Jake gave you a little wink before gesturing towards the club entrance,"after you."

You head towards the front door, the bouncer steps aside and lets you straight in, Bel follows closely with Jake not far behind. After walking down a dimly lit hallway you soon come out into the main section of the club. The club is broken into two sections, most of the people were contained to the bottom floor, while a stairway blocked by a velvet rope and manned by a bouncer restricted access to the second level. There weren't many other Pokemon in the club, looking around you see a Persian laying across the lap of a scarcely dressed woman while a Spinda dances around erratically with its drunken trainer. Looking closer at the other revelers you notice that they seem to be acting strangely. A group of them are confined to one corner, their mood sullen. Another group tears up the middle of the dance floor, dancing wildly with no inhibitions. Across the other side of the room a group bursts with uncontrollable laughter, tears streak down their faces.

"hmmm", murmurs Jake, "it seems that those under the influence of the drug seem to group with others that react the same way, interesting." Jake looks around the room, hoping to find a clue as to where they should start."We need to find out how they are getting the drug, I'm going to case the place out, why don't you do the same, maybe go get a drink and see if you can find anything out at the bar?" Jake walked off towards the group of laughers, breaking into an extremely obviously fake laugh as he joins the group. Would you go and try interacting with one of the groups? Or perhaps you needed a drink before you were ready for that?

Medmana- You're walking down the streets of revelrous city you find your senses bombarded by a range of stimuli. Jazz music flows from various venues, enticing smells waft on the air from various restaurants and neon lights highlight various establishments. All together they create an exciting atmosphere, anything could happen in this city. However you couldn't help but feel like all this did was serve as a veil for all the shady activities that were likely going on, would it be possible to trust anyone around here? You pass by a nearby food stand, the kind old woman running it beckons you over. Walking over to inspect the stand, the woman seems to be selling Donuts, the smell of which has Louise salivating.

"Hello there young lady, could I interest you in a donut?" The old woman puts on a big grin as she displays her sugar coated treats."$200 each, your Pokemon will love you all the more for it!" You pull out your wallet as you ponder whether to purchase some treats for your Pokemon, only for a small, scruffy looking dog to jump up and rip it out of your hands. The Herdier quickly races off threw the crowd with your wallet, you lose sight of it as it turns down an alley."Oh dear, not again", cries the old woman,"that has been happening a lot lately, not always that Herdier but Pokemon have been stealing more and more lately. It used to be the people you had to worry about but now the Pokemon are a bigger issue. Sorry about your wallet, feel free to come back if you track it down."

Your wallet had been stolen by a wayward Pokemon, if you were going to have any chance of getting it back you were going to need to track down that Herdier!

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